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How to change Myanmar fonts on HTC one X?

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How to change Myanmar fonts on HTC one X?

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HTC One X is an Android-based phone, therefore you could Google search for "Zawgyi Myanmar Font android" and follow these steps:

You could also download and install Fontomizer SP from Google Play on your HTC One x, then run Fontomizer SP, Click to start, Go down until Z and download Zawgyi-One. Then go to the screen/display settings and choose the Zawgyi One TFF font.

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I did download Zawgyi One from Fontomizer SP in HTC One XL. After that I can't fine the display setting for installing Zawgyi One TFF font in HTC One XL. Please help.

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Everyone can help me? my phone is HTC One X and i couldnot use myanmar font.
I downloaded and install Zaawgyi one font.But i don't see any place to change font in my phone setting.
How can i do?

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