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Root for Android version 2.3.6 huawei U8818gsm

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I want to root my U8818 gsm. What update apk to use. Please, reply.

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first of all, what is the reason for you to root your phone?
if you want to change the look of your phone, you can try 'Go launcher Ex'.

but, if you have decided to root your phone than try 'Cyanogenmod'. It will help you to fulfill your purpose.

But remember that Rooting will cancel every legal warranty of your phone and some countries rooting is ILLEGAL.

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You could search, download and give a try to the z4root application. Don't know for sure if it will work, since the Huawei U8818 is quite a new model, but there's a chance.

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i tryed and is not rooting please help me i want to root my phone 858

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me too i have myphone 858. Anyone knows how to root this? Please help.

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download for huaweiu8860 2.3.6 root
download for huaweiu8860 update 4.0.3

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huawei GSM-OMC 20.3 vertion ช่วยดาวน์โหลดให้หน่อยคร้าบ

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