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Latest questions about "video tools"

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I have a Hitachi DZ-hs303a CAM with Image Maker software DNO 1002 good for upto Windows XP. Will this AVCHD Edition allow me to process info on my Windows 10 computer?
asked Jul 17, 2016 by Thomas E Kowalsky about ImageMixer AVCHD Edition for HITACHI
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ComproDTV 4.57.740 works on Windows 10 after a fashion with help from troubleshooter compatibility. Is there any updated versions available for Windows 10?
asked Jul 8, 2016 by Mal. about ComproDTV
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Is it frame-accurate on MPEG?
asked Jul 5, 2016 by Tom about Kate's Video Cutter
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I really need the Mac version of this Player. I can't find it anywhere since the company went out of business. Do you have any suggestions?
asked Jun 21, 2016 by Mark about Veebeam
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Will this software be compatible with a JVC Everio I bought in 2009 (JVC Everio HD Camcorder model GZ-MG334HEK)?
asked Jun 21, 2016 about Everio MediaBrowser
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My cd is not functioning. How do I go ahead in the install process?
asked Jun 18, 2016 about Logitech QuickCam
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I recently bought a paid version of Jobshare Video to DVD converter. I'm having issues with it that involve the way it saves files (it splits them up).
asked Jun 13, 2016
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I can't delete the trial version of Video Download Capture because I can't close the program. Any help for me, please?
asked Jun 6, 2016 about Video Download Capture
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Attempted twice to download a video from Bing. The video is 25 minutes and should be a couple hundred megabytes if not more. Downloaded file was 84 kilobytes.
asked Jun 4, 2016 about Video Snooper
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Does IMS 200 work with Windows 10?
asked Jun 2, 2016 about IMS200
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How to create a VD menu with Allok Video to DVD burner? I don't see the option for it at the main interface.
asked Jun 1, 2016 by Gerald Greene about Allok Video to DVD Burner
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No sound is coming from the Lenovo Power DVD 10 that came with the computer. The DVD is playing normally in terms of video playback, only that it lacks sound.
asked May 30, 2016 about CyberLink PowerDVD
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What does this software do?
asked May 16, 2016 by Guest #41771515 (120 points) about Tv-Plug-In
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I can play the MP4 file with both Windows Media Player and VLC Media Player, but I don't understand how to do this from your manual: once you see playing back what you want to import into the...
asked May 14, 2016 about PolderbitS DVD Creator
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How to import .srt file in CaptionMaker?
asked May 4, 2016 by Ashad Jeeva about CaptionMaker
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I have two computers that are running Windows 10. I can get the software to run (phenomenally well on one computer, but it will not load on the other).
asked Apr 29, 2016 by Bob about CDG Editor
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How do I use Webinaria to record a "picture within a picture" so that a small talking head of myself is shown in the corner while sharing and explaining what's on the screen?
asked Apr 23, 2016 by Consuela about Webinaria
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Compatibility Kodak Gem software with Windows 10.
asked Apr 23, 2016 about Kodak DIGITAL GEM Professional Plug-In
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Purchased WDC recently. Try to make subtitles (using .srt file) in a clip. Don't succeed. Who can help me with a step by step description?
asked Apr 20, 2016 by ersy
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I have uninstalled/reinstalled, but when it gets to building the preview the program just hangs. Any suggestions?
asked Apr 14, 2016 by Terry about Countdown Creator