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Latest questions about "security"

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I'm currently developing applications in C# and .NET platform. However, the security of these applications are hard to implement as C# generates non native codes or CIL application.
asked Sep 29, 2015 by paul yuen
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Is Hidden Eye available for iPhone too?
asked Aug 30, 2015
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I see the little lock on the folders, but you can still open them.
asked Aug 20, 2015 by Jim
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How to hide the IP address when using uTorrent?
asked Jul 22, 2015 about uTorrent Acceleration Tool
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F-RAT software doesn't have compatibility with Windows 8. Why isn't there support for F-RAT in Windows 8 or there will be a new version?
asked Jun 10, 2015
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How do I register my new email in Keepsafe application on Android? Or if it could be possible, then please send me link of it.
asked Jun 7, 2015 by imran khan 6 (120 points)
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What about the privacy and Security of recovered files? Is it safe to use?
asked Jun 6, 2015 about CardRecovery
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I have a large number of key fobs with door and name info on them. Do you have a guide to remove the info, so that the fob can be used again?
asked May 19, 2015 by Mike Newton
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I wish to procure Encrypt Files Lite or Professional, but it is not on the Apple Store in Switzerland and it is impossible to switch to another store.
asked Apr 19, 2015 by Claude Nordmann
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After downloading Jitterbit on my Mac I received this notification in my e-mail: The configuration was unsuccessful because the Force.
asked Mar 7, 2015 by RM
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Is HitHimTool detectable? Can I get banned for use it?
asked Dec 19, 2014 by krez about HitHimTool
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Does eRS have security logs upon the client requests?
asked Jul 30, 2014
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I wanna change my FaceID on Asus FaceID 7.6. How to do that? My current image is of bad quality. Wanna delete current image and make a new one.
asked Jul 10, 2014
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I have OSX 10.5.8. Will ESET Cybersecurity work?
asked Jun 8, 2014
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What can it do?
asked May 13, 2014 by Albert E (540 points)
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I forgot the password on my Nokia 101 and I can't access the dialer screen because the mobile doesn't work. When I turn it on, it need the security password and I forgot the code.
asked Apr 20, 2014
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I understand that this software allows you to connect to any open proxy server worldwide. However, does this software allow you to set up your own private proxy?
asked Mar 20, 2014
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I am getting "INI file missing" when I start up Password Guardian. What is the problem?
asked Mar 7, 2014 about Password Guardian
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Are there any firewall settings for Sentinel Protection Installer? I want to set up it manually.
asked Feb 25, 2014 about Sentinel Protection Installer