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Latest questions about "remove"

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1 answer 191 views
How can I delete iMesh software from my computer? Thank you in advance.
asked Jul 6, 2012
0 votes
1 answer 206 views
Incredibar and MyStart are slowing down my PC considerably. Could you tell me how to remove these programs?
asked Jul 1, 2012
0 votes
2 answers 15.8k views
Could you tell me how to remove search online mobile from my Android phone?
asked Jun 19, 2012
0 votes
4 answers 2.3k views
How can I remove or bypass Toshiba hard drive password on Dell laptop?
asked Jun 7, 2012
0 votes
1 answer 160 views
I cant remove MSN Content Plus from my computer. It annoys me. I constantly get the message saying 'your free trial period has expired'. Can you please help?
asked Jun 5, 2012
0 votes
1 answer 760 views
I already installed AllDup Software but I don't understand how to use this software in my laptop.
asked May 24, 2012 about AllDup
0 votes
1 answer 1.3k views
I cannot remove Abbyy Finereader 6.0 Sprint. I no longer have the printer/scanner on my computer and I would like to remove Abbyy as well, but it has no option for its remove.
asked May 5, 2012
0 votes
1 answer 219 views
0 votes
1 answer 302 views
I would like to remove the avatar or WeeMee from my Skype profile. I have searched extensively on the Internet for an answer. I am using the latest version of Skype.
asked Apr 15, 2012
0 votes
1 answer 204 views
How to get rid of the file Update31.exe. I cannot delete it from my PC.
asked Mar 30, 2012
0 votes
1 answer 235 views
The Fishdom game damages my PC. How can I remove it?
asked Mar 29, 2012
0 votes
2 answers 258 views
How can I get immediate help for a virus affected pc with 383 number of viruses?
asked Mar 24, 2012
0 votes
5 answers 414 views
What's the best program for removing duplicate files?
asked Mar 21, 2012
0 votes
3 answers 1.2k views
How can I remove Whitesmoke/Linkway from my computer?
asked Feb 4, 2012
0 votes
1 answer 111 views
How can I uninstall Cyberdefender, Windows Vista doesn't success in doing it?
asked Mar 23, 2011 about CyberDefender Registry Cleaner
0 votes
1 answer 81 views
Is this program compatible with Vista operating system?
asked Oct 27, 2009 by donald whitten (120 points) about Spybot
0 votes
1 answer 73 views
There's no connection to Spyware Doctor - what is to be done?
asked Oct 25, 2009 about Spyware Doctor