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How do I get rid of PC Power Speed, which somehow attached to my computer?

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From what you are saying, the problem isn't represented by PC Power Speed application, that can be easily uninstalled from Control Panel, but you were infected with its fake copy, which is in fact a virus. There are several methods through which you can get rid of it. First of all, you could try to remove it manually. In order to do this, you will have to open Task Manager, by pressing CTRL+ALT+DELETE, click on the Processes tab, search for PC Power Speed, right-click on it and select End Process. After that, hit Start, select Run, type Regedit and click OK. After the registry opens, search for "HKEYLOCALMACHINE\Software\PC Power Speed." key, right-click on it and delete it. Once you are done with this task, go to %PROGRAM_FILES%\PC Power Speed\ directory and delete the infected files manually.
If after performing this operations, your computer is still infected, you are advised to download and install Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, an application that detects and eliminates the malicious processes from your system. For more information about it, please visit
It is also recommended to scan your system with Spybot Search & Destroy, which is one of the best and more comprehensive free antispyware programs. Go to the following address for more information

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Uninstall same as any other application, or find solution in FAQ.

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