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Latest questions about "radio"

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We need the KPG-124 DK software for a Kenwood TK 7302 radio. What is the cost of this software?
asked Jun 26, 2017 by Michaela Moser
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Is this version compatible with Windows 10 64-bit?
asked May 22, 2017 by Diablos about SAM Broadcaster
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I've got a small flash drive that has a red L.E.D. & shows: "MUZEE RADIO", but it appears to be empty.
asked Oct 19, 2015 by -Lone Wolf
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I need a radio application for Android to listen to the AZ DiamondBacks live games. I don't want Tunein, RadioFm or Ktar620. Can you help?
asked Jul 9, 2014
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Is there a way to relay an Internet station on my computer to a radio in my house?
asked Feb 7, 2013
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Local radio stations are too distant. Can I listen streamed versions of local news or any of the major news channels?
asked Nov 23, 2012
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FRN Client is a program for connecting to two way radio Gateways. Is there a version for Android yet?
asked Oct 9, 2012
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How can I download Internet radio software that contains Nigerian stations?
asked Jul 22, 2012
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When I attempt to install frequencies in the radio, the S and PO meter comes on with about two lines. The radio is not transmitting and there is no squelch.
asked Jul 28, 2011 by Doug 4 (120 points) about FT-60 Commander
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I was using Zara radio on the Internet and it was working, now I can't get it to talk over any more. Does any one have a diagram of how to setup Zara radio and be able to use a mixer with it?
asked Jan 14, 2011 about Apple Application Support
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I have brought UBC800XLT and I want to know how to switch to band plan 2 and load its software. Can you help?
asked Apr 5, 2010 by thomas taylor (120 points) about ARC800LiTe for Uniden UBC800XLT
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when i open the program it tells me it has a problem and needs to close what can i do to fix the problem it"s the first time it has ever happened.
asked Jan 22, 2010 about Readon TV Movie Radio Player
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I have bought a Motorola GP338 Plus device, software version R03.08.08, CP version R06.00. My software version is R03.09.03 and I can't program my radio.
asked Dec 15, 2009 about Professional GP300/GM300 Series CPS (R03.08.03_EN
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What does the following warning mean: Sky Star2 init error?
asked Dec 13, 2009 about ProgDVB