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Latest questions about "project management"

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Can I expand my layout?
asked Feb 26, 2014 about XTrkCAD
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2 answers 143 views
I purchased Your Insurance Office a number of years ago. I got a new laptop and I'm wondering if I can install the latest version on my new laptop?
asked Feb 22, 2014 about Your Insurance Office
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1 answer 78 views
Which platform was used to develop actiTIME application?
asked Dec 31, 2013 about actiTIME
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What is the cost to upgrade K-SOL Project Reader Pro from 3.22 to 4.6?
asked Dec 9, 2013 about Project Reader
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How can I transfer all my data from a previous version to the latest one? Does it work on Windows 8?
asked Dec 5, 2013 about Your Insurance Office
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Can you please tell me if I can use my Toll Lite system to set a pick up from another location and transport the parcel back to my location?
asked Nov 18, 2013 about Toll Lite
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I had YIO 5.0 installed and lost it when I installed a new hard drive. Is there any way of re-installing it?
asked Oct 28, 2013 about Your Insurance Office
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I first purchased the Libronix Library System years ago. I have purchased the LOGO system. I want to know why I can no longer access the Word Search Puzzle on Libronix?
asked Oct 10, 2013 about Libronix Digital Library System
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We are operating mining business in Mozambique. I understand that in Mozambique Primavera Account software is being used.
asked Aug 8, 2013 about Primavera
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After I bought a new computer I have lost my Agenda2 application. How can I retrieve it?
asked Jul 18, 2013
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1 answer 259 views
How can I learn Primavera? Could you, please, give me a little introduction on it?
asked May 4, 2013 about Primavera
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What is a PEL problem? I have lost all my rental titles. How do I overcome this?
asked Apr 30, 2013 by ray crowder (120 points) about Bogart's Video Store
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Is there a manual or tutorial in English? I have downloaded a very comprehensive PDF manual in Spanish, but cannot find one in English. Can you help me?
asked Apr 3, 2013 by Christos 1 (120 points) about OpenProj
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Is SureTrak cloud-based and real time tracking?
asked Mar 21, 2013 about SureTrak
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1 answer 160 views
Is there an option to import data from TroopTrack?
asked Mar 20, 2013 by Judy Zemeske (120 points) about TroopMaster AHG
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1 answer 108 views
I've been using GeOrient for a few years now (currently version 9.5.0) and suddenly I encountered a small problem.
asked Mar 12, 2013 by Leanne 1 (120 points) about GEOrient
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1 answer 520 views
What are the advantages and disadvantages of CSPro databases against Microsoft Excel databases?
asked Feb 6, 2013 by Ray Henry (120 points) about CSPro
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Does this program allow you to open Sharepoint MS Project files, and edit them? I tried this and couldn't open them.
asked Oct 14, 2012 by tilbo1 (120 points) about GanttProject
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1 answer 172 views
Is this program available in German?
asked Mar 14, 2012 by Erwin Francke (120 points) about Sage CRM