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Latest questions about "pims and calendars"

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asked May 18 by Sebastian42 about Active Desktop Calendar
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Is there a reason why it is taking so long to get an answer regarding "opening" calendar creator???? Getting pretty upset on this end...
asked Apr 13 about Calendar Creator
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Paldesktop 6.2 has been erased calendar and contact perhaps from an update of windows Now i'm looking for something taht let me continue to use palm
asked Apr 8 about Palm Desktop
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When trying to open my calendar (version 12) I get a screen that says an administrator has blocked me and I cannot open the program. I am lost without it.
asked Mar 11 by Evelyn about Calendar Creator Deluxe
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asked Mar 11 by Marilyn A. Shields about Calendar Creator
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Serial number Can anyone give me the serial number of the european version?
asked Jan 9 by Pető Tibor about KPG-124D
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Hi. please help me to recover DAT file. i was using Sticker lite free version. all of sudden my PC got shutdowns and DAT file is corrupt. please help to recover.
asked Jan 9 by Syed Arifulla about Sticker Lite
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Hello, Is there a version of Active Desktop Calendar in French? If not, where to find a tutorial in English? Thank you. Cordially.
asked Jul 18, 2019 about Active Desktop Calendar
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I downloaded this for my Palm. I want to know that can you use this with Palm V running on Palm OS 3.5 or i have to install some driver for it?
asked Jun 3, 2019 by KimmyMario about Palm Desktop
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How do I download and install the program? Once installed, do you send ads?
asked Jan 24, 2019 by about Kingdom Hall Schedule
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How to update my old organizer 4.1 to 6.1 on Windows 8 or 10?
asked Jan 15, 2019 by Maya about IBM Lotus Organizer
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Can I use calendar creator 9 with windows 10?
asked Dec 3, 2018 about Calendar Creator
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I am getting a database error message and can't get through to How do I resolve the error?
asked Sep 14, 2018 about Kingdom Hall Schedule
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I have a computer without Internet connection but my iPad does have Safari. Would it work? Is Kaluach good for printing a calendar with all the Hebrew birthdays on a civil calendar?
asked Jul 19, 2018 about Kaluach3
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1 answer 546 views
My Powerpoint presentation does fill the whole screen when using Signage Manager Express.
asked May 19, 2018 by Felix Cardenales about Signage Manager Express