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Latest questions about "pims and calendars"

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If I buy Majestic Kingdom hall Schedule software, can I just use it to schedule each months service meeting without merging it with other schedules?
asked Dec 4, 2013
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I want to print the names, addresses, tele#, e-mail addresses, birthdays, anniversaries and so on in two columns per page. I don't know how to set it up.
asked Nov 19, 2013 about Address Book
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This application is dropping / erasing my appointments. How can I fix this?
asked Nov 16, 2013 by Mel Mathias (120 points) about E-Z Contact Book
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Can you supply CSoftLab telephone number? I need further information.
asked Nov 7, 2013 about C-Organizer Pro
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How do I buy Easy Pocket Address Book?
asked Oct 7, 2013 about Easy Pocket Address Book
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I'm using Bangalore Press Kannada e-Calendar. It shows boxes in the events and other info, but not in Kannada. How can I get it in Kannada?
asked Sep 22, 2013 about Bangalore Press e-Calendar
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I want to know a few things about this software : 1 - Can it be installed on the company's server and each worker will fill his hours from his computer?
asked Sep 5, 2013 about Visual Time Sheet
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Latest version of ACE COntact Manager is The one on Software Informer is old. The application needs updating from PAD file 02. How can I update it ?
asked Jul 29, 2013 about Ace Contact Manager
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Where are the date settings/features for Alarm Master? Could not find any date set up for month or year. I looked everywhere. Also how or from where can I set my notification alarm sound?
asked Jun 25, 2013 about Alarm Master
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How do we add the age? I have just downloaded the Birthday Teminder program.
asked Jun 18, 2013 about Birthday Reminder
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Is there any software available which can completely fulfill my requirement and convert entire database from Lotus Notes to Outlook?
asked May 21, 2013 by addmin Jackline (120 points) about Lotus Notes
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I have recently upgraded to Windows 8. I was using Calendar Creator 4.0. I tried loading this version and it didn't work. Now I have Calendar Creator 10.
asked Mar 8, 2013 about Calendar Creator
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Can I use C-Organizer on our office network for appointments? If so, how can this be done?
asked Jan 23, 2013 by joanne 4 (120 points) about C-Organizer Pro
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Why are you showing version 6.1 which was outdated 4 years ago? You should have a system of polling the latest PAD file which is available on http://www.
asked Jan 23, 2013 by Sabya Gupta (120 points) about Ace Contact Manager
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Long ago I started with Lotus Organizer 97 version 2. Meanwhile it seems it has been upgraded. I am now moving to Windows 8, with touch screen.
asked Dec 21, 2012 by BERTRAND-RIGHI (120 points) about IBM Lotus Organizer
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I am currently using Rainlendar, which is not able to sync with online Google Calendar.
asked Jan 29, 2012 by malapati.christopher (120 points) about Rainlendar
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I have been using Lotus Organizer since forever and have thought it to be the best for all important things.
asked Jan 1, 2012 by nicholas armbrust (120 points) about IBM Lotus Organizer
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My desktop clock application has got disabled. Please help me to re-install it.
asked Sep 21, 2011 about Active Desktop Calendar
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My AZZ had an upgrade that took place this week and it eliminated all of the files I had saved over the last two years and replaced them with the test files.
asked May 9, 2011 by Leland (120 points) about AZZ Cardfile
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I cannot figure out how to activate it. Can someone please send me the information I need? Also my computer popped up that there was a new version of this software.
asked May 9, 2011 about AllMyNotes Organizer