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Latest questions about "pictures"

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I've purchased AVCS Maxima software about 1 year ago. Now it shows the following message: 'Update the software'. How can I update it?
asked Mar 19, 2014 about AVCS MAXIMA
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1 answer 158 views
I have saved my photos in vault but changed my memory card and lost the other one. Can my pictures be accessed by anyone who got my card?
asked Mar 2, 2014
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Can I download and install PicMix on Techno T3?
asked Feb 19, 2014 by josephine 1 (120 points) about PicMix
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How can I get Arcsoft MediaImpression ver. to work on Windows 8?
asked Feb 18, 2014 about ArcSoft MediaImpression
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I tried to upload photos from Vivitar Experience Image Manager to Facebook. It gave me an error message that the app is not set up for that. What do I do?
asked Feb 5, 2014 about Vivitar Experience Image Manager
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Is this software still available for Mac? Where can I download it?
asked Jan 25, 2014
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Can I download Picstory application on my Nokia 201?
asked Jan 25, 2014
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I no longer can download pictures and edit them. What can I do?
asked Dec 28, 2013 about Picasa
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I am trying to access the gallery by dialing : * + my code (where 7777 is the default code) but it does not open the Gallery Lock. I am worried that I lost all my data from the vault.
asked Dec 14, 2013 about Gallery Lock (Hide pictures)
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I own Ulead Photo Express 3.0 SE for many years and it's a great program for me but unfortunately, I can't open it because u32cvt.dll is missing.
asked Nov 18, 2013
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What Mac software is best for fixing pet eye color?
asked Nov 16, 2013
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How can I download Picmix on Nokia E5?
asked Nov 8, 2013
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1 answer 91 views
How to download a full version of Adobe Photoshop?
asked Nov 4, 2013 by Guest #28736145 (220 points)
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Is there any way to back up my actual phone text, pictures and music from my other phone?
asked Sep 21, 2013
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1 answer 117 views
I want to be able to take and make my pics and videos into magnets so I can place them on my Canvas, but I don't have an option to do so.
asked Sep 3, 2013
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Will the DCE Tools work with Photoshop Elements? I placed the file in the PSE folder, but it didn't appear on the PSE Filter list.
asked Jul 13, 2013 about DCE Tools
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I have a Canon MG3200 which works perfectly well printing text but is lousy at printing photographs. The prints are washed out with poor colour.
asked Jul 2, 2013
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I printed pictures with my Canon MG3200 yesterday. Today it's ready to print, but it just spits out blank pages. What should I do?
asked Jun 29, 2013
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My pictures are grouped by individual days. How do I switch them to month groups?
asked Jun 12, 2013