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Latest questions about "math and scientific tools"

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How do I purchase MultiQC for my laboratory and is there a demo I can run trials on before I purchase this software?
asked Apr 12, 2017 by Kulwantie Mohabir about MultiQC
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Can I use VisDisk on my MacBook?
asked Apr 11, 2017 by Christos about VisDisk
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I have downloaded zyGrib with success on my Mac, but I tried on Mac Airbook and the installation was unsuccessful. I can't see the map in the background and cannot choose an area to download.
asked Apr 9, 2017 by gil gonsette about zyGrib
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We require more information regarding Beamboy. Can you please give us the latest contact information for Mr. Richard Getze?
asked Mar 27, 2017 about BeamBoy
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What Windows operating systems does Robolab work with, and can I still use the infrared transmission tower to load the program onto the RCX brick?
asked Mar 24, 2017 about ROBOLAB
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May I know the status of QGraphics (Latest Qt) based source code of Quac?
asked Mar 23, 2017 by prasanth b about Quite Universal Circuit Simulator
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Hi, I have tried and used this software "Realtime analyzer RAE" and I am satisfied with it. Now I want to buy it. Could you propose also something better?
asked Mar 22, 2017 by László Kovács about Realtime Analyzer RAL
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I'm using Graph Digitizer v2.0 and need to properly cite it for my manuscript. Is there anything else I need to add to the citation?
asked Mar 17, 2017 by katy about Graph Digitizer
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I want to know the bicarbonate change at different pH value, but I have no idea how to da as I am a new user. Can any people give details, I will appreciate very much?
asked Mar 7, 2017 by Chenba (120 points) about Visual MINTEQ
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Hi. I want to use the trial of HEAT2 version 7.1. How can I do that?
asked Feb 12, 2017 about HEAT2
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I downloaded ChemBio3D 12 using the free download option. How do I obtain a serial number to activate the product?
asked Feb 9, 2017 by Dr Victor Olori
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It uses the reconstruction of a left using an approach "forward" and which, for the most part, calculating the collision using variants of Kudlich-Slibar model?
asked Feb 2, 2017 about Virtual CRASH
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Does MathTrax work with the screen reading software JAWS? Thank you.
asked Jan 27, 2017 by Carrie about MathTrax
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Hi, We are running SpectrAA 5.1 Pro on Windows XP operating system. But now we have decided to update the windows operating system from windows-XP to Windows 7.
asked Jan 19, 2017 by Mohammad Adil about SpectrAA
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Hi there. Can I, please, have the support number for IBM SPSS Data Collection?
asked Nov 19, 2016 by Jason about IBM SPSS Data Collection
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Where can I find the installation file or disk image to the program SpectrAA?
asked Nov 6, 2016 by Ильдар Вагапов (120 points) about SpectrAA
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I am crossing oceans and I need a reliable weather forecast which will be downloaded to Iridium Go via satelite fast enough. It should not cost much.
asked Nov 4, 2016 by Fanny Fisher about zyGrib
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Is Molegro Molecular Viewer Windows 10 compatible?
asked Oct 27, 2016 by usha about Molegro Molecular Viewer
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I am doing geometry in my maths course and want to know how do you enter a problem into the geometry program?
asked Oct 17, 2016 by Carlo
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The software can not be installed in a Windows 10 operating system, I do not have any "Trap-a-ware" previous program installed and the version 4.
asked Oct 6, 2016 by Gabriel Orozco about Armstrong Steam-A-ware