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Latest questions about "math and scientific tools"

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I have an interest to buy Robolab 2.9, but I don't know how. I have an old version of Robolab (2.5.4), but the new version is suited for me. Can you give some info?
asked Feb 20, 2015 about ROBOLAB
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Which version of Graphpad Prism (v5 or higher) can we use to package it for our virtual environment (windows 7 on Citrix)?
asked Feb 10, 2015 by Reinand about GraphPad Prism
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How to install Physim network simulation?
asked Feb 3, 2015 by physim about Physim
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Wondering whether any external device needs to be added via the parallel port, also about the purpose of the program in reality?
asked Feb 1, 2015 by Guest #35169629 (160 points) about BendControl
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Is this application compatible with Windows 8?
asked Jan 21, 2015 about QuickWave
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I need software to configure a public lightning system on a map in DWG using my GPS device. Is it possible with Diva-GIS?
asked Dec 19, 2014 by Guest #35749034 (120 points) about DIVA-GIS
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We want to buy ChemDraw for reselling. How can we do this?
asked Dec 10, 2014 by Gerhard Zwanz about ChemDraw
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What exactly does trim length and read length mean?
asked Dec 10, 2014 about FinchTV
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I am a mechanical engineering student that needs to develop the thesis using the software PIPE-FLO. The thesis is related to petrochemical process in an industry of this area.
asked Nov 13, 2014 by Fabiola Vargas about PIPE-FLO Professional
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Is the latest Relay API 650 Ed 2013 updated in ETank2000 Mobile users?
asked Sep 20, 2014 about ETank2000 Mobile User
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The additional message is: "A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available.
asked Sep 18, 2014 about Alcyone Eclipse Calculator
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How long is the MathCAD trial good for? What happens when the trial is over? Do l need to put in my credit card to download the trial?
asked Sep 12, 2014 about Mathcad
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I've downloaded Etap12, but when I want to install it, it requires an installation code than I can't find. Can you help me?
asked Sep 10, 2014 about ETAP
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Is EasyFit available for Mac OS X?
asked Aug 11, 2014 about EasyFit
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I've installed Infrared Reader on my computer but the program is unable to see .spa files that I have on my computer. In fact the program only sees the folders not the files.
asked Jul 22, 2014 about Infrared Reader
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We have purchased PVSOL Expert a couple of years ago, but the Director who used to use it left us last year and we now need it to design some system performance calls for our commercial clients.
asked Jul 15, 2014 about PVSOL Expert
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What is the proper citation for SYSTAT 9?
asked Jul 1, 2014 about SYSTAT
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I am looking for a residential electrical diagram but is it limited to what it can do for residential construction diagrams. Does it do anything for circuit boards and electrical components?
asked Jul 1, 2014 about SEE Electrical LT
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W6ELProp is not working with Windows 7 64bit. What can I do?
asked Jun 24, 2014 about W6ELProp