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Latest questions about "audio and multimedia"

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I have DVDFab 8 on an old PC that I will soon replace. How do I transfer to a new PC without losing my lifetime status?
asked Apr 28 about DVDFab
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I had converted about 100 files downloaded from YouTube, but the karaoke machine recognized only about 70 of them. The chip shows all 100, but the machine shows only about 70.
asked Apr 28 by ghanshyam hemdev about Magic Encoder
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I have Sound Forge 9.0e build 441 which appears to be the last upgrade. Have used it for years. Is there a Sound Forge 10 I use it for key changes changing recordings to MP3s and for pitch changes.
asked Apr 27 by Jeff about Sound Forge Pro
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Will this VCD Ripper install on Windows 10?
asked Apr 22 about Apex VCD Ripper
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1 answer 137 views
I have an A850 DVB-T. All French TNT channels are correctly detected but I have no video. I am running under Windows 10 Creator Update.
asked Apr 21 by papyfrench about AVerTV 3D
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1 answer 93 views
Do you need the Internet to view the content?
asked Apr 20 by Pauline Ehusani about Drifta
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1 answer 28 views
Can any one share what are the intended uses of that 2 selection right at the top of each image / text underneath the program name?
asked Apr 20 by tbmra about LedshowTW 2012
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When I right click on a film file the Subtitles 1.3 option doesn't appear. What's wrong? I run a 64bit, Windows 10 laptop.
asked Apr 18 about Subtitles
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How to move the subtitles so I get it in the middle of the screen, and not the middle on the left side as it is now?
asked Apr 18 by Movie crator about AnyMP4 Blu-ray Creator
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2 answers 74 views
When I try to contact the company, there is no answer! I need to know something about the program and no one can help me.
asked Apr 16 by Carla about Musicator
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1 answer 16 views
I can only select 1 camera Audio on the player?
asked Apr 16 by Shay about Lorex Player
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When running Worship Him software, I can see everything on monitor two but when projecting it I can not get the whole image. It seems to cut off the top.
asked Apr 16 about Worship Him
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Does LITE POS support multiple users working at the same time? I need to find POS to support multiple people working one counter using one POS at the same time.
asked Apr 16 by Will about Lite POS
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1 answer 27 views
I have a client looking to play different music at different times of the day to trigger various behavior pattern in the children. There would be one song played at 8.
asked Apr 14 by Tim Nightingale about Scheduled Audio Player
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1 answer 48 views
Can Dictation Buddy be used on a MacBook Pro?
asked Apr 14 about Dictation Buddy
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1 answer 61 views
I would like to know if the software is only a free to try version. Meaning that I can only use it for a certain time or limited number of download / conversion.
asked Apr 13 by Ng about Solid YouTube Downloader and Converter
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1 answer 16 views
I'm using both RM 6 and 7 and neither of them tags the music.
asked Apr 12 by Sten Göran Ingvarsson about Replay Music
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I have KJPRO 1.5 and 2.5 also updated songs from Feb 2010 to Oct 2010 and I can't upload them.
asked Apr 10 by Richard Stinnett about KJ Pro
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1 answer 37 views
Would this program allow me to transfer CD music to an MP3 or another device?
asked Apr 9 about RecordNow!
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1 answer 56 views
Are DVDs made on Socusoft DV to DVD Converter zone free. Can they be played on European DVD players?
asked Apr 7 by Bob about DV to DVD Converter