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Latest questions about "audio and multimedia"

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Several years ago, I purchased the JAMMER Pro programme. It had the personalized Serial Number JP6-5M9-LSC5-U646-601X.
asked Jul 29, 2018 by Rudi Kessel about JAMMER Professional
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Hello! I'd like to use it with my MP4 Philips GoGEAR VIBE MODEL: SA4VBE04KFX/77 Thank You
asked Jul 28, 2018 by Angel De Giorgi about Altysoft Free Video Converter
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How to use it with evernote?
asked Jul 27, 2018 about DR-C125 CaptureOnTouch
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I have already confirmed my mail id. But I can not get the download link. Please help me out.
asked Jul 24, 2018 by Minhajul Arefin about NMDVPN
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How can i get this to work with Windows 10 Home?
asked Jul 24, 2018 by Scott about MP3+G Toolz
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Is SoundTape 2.1 compatible with Windows 10, please ?
asked Jul 24, 2018 by Polly about SoundTap Streaming Audio Recorder
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I am using RCPlayer for court transcription and I am really struggling because the recording is muffled.
asked Jul 10, 2018 by Joanne M about VIQ Player
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I'm writing on behalf of the Hugnarian Federation of the Blind and Partially Sighted (MVGYOSZ). We wish to buy your software? We would be glad to help you to translate it into Hungarian language.
asked Jul 3, 2018 by Attila about Braille Music Editor
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Good morning, you can have the Mac version
asked Jul 3, 2018 by Domix about MidiNotate
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I am writing on behalf of the hungarian Federation of the Blind and Partially Sighted (MVGYOSZ). We would like to have your Softvare in Hungarianm language.
asked Jun 28, 2018 about Braille Music Editor
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I donload a SYNCHRO free. How to obtain a License key. I start vehicle impact in the citie, live in Queretaro, Mexico
asked Jun 26, 2018 by PIRSCH VIDAL CARLOS ARMANDO about Synchro Studio with Warrants
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I downloaded it and it is in my Windows Movie Maker as effects, but when I add one of the FX effects to video a big X goes over video. How do you get rid of that?
asked Jun 15, 2018 about SpiceFX for Movie Maker
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asked Jun 14, 2018 by Bhuvana about ComponentOne Doc-To-Help
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I record Tv programmes almost constantly so I have a schedule set up for this. Sometimes when the TiVME hang, or I restart the computer, it wont auto restart quickly.
asked Jun 12, 2018 by CTH about TiVme