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Latest questions about "teaching and training tools"

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Does Minitab 16.1 works on Window Vista?
asked Jun 28, 2015 by questionnaire about MINITAB
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What happened to the old solitaire game from Windows 98 days? I thought it was one of the best and most useful versions of Solitaire available.
asked Jun 19, 2015 by Jesse about WinSol Plus
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What does SMART Ideas 5.1 mean?
asked May 24, 2015 about SMART Ideas
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I have conducted a survey with questions such as "How many hours of sleep do you get?" and "age'. The options are ranges of numbers such as 2-5 hours, 6-8 hours, and 9+ hours.
asked May 24, 2015 about MINITAB
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How do I download this software? When I click download it goes to a website.
asked Apr 21, 2015 by Guest #37640229 (120 points) about West Point Bridge Designer
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Can the database be on own PC instead of the cloud? Can the quiz be printed on personal stationery?
asked Apr 2, 2015 about Multiple Choice Quiz Maker Express
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I have an issue when installing Crammaster. When installing, I get an error about read files. The read files aren't readable.
asked Mar 9, 2015 by Guest #35574473 (120 points) about ExamForce Engine Installation CM
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How can I change the Professional Name I used during the original setup?
asked Mar 9, 2015 about Making the Grade
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What is the latest version of Micro Type for school use?
asked Feb 10, 2015 about MicroType
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What is the secret beyond the Side-Channel attack on "Textbook RSA"? I've searched a lot but maybe I'm searching in a wrong way.
asked Dec 30, 2014 about CrypTool
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Is the Arabic Typing Tutor price $24.99 for unlimited time?
asked Oct 17, 2014 by M Alameer about Arabic Typing Tutor Software
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Is the Bagatrix Basic Math Solved! software Mac compatible? I want to use this program on my Mac since my PC has a tendency towards crashing.
asked Oct 4, 2014 about Basic Math Solved!
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I had an account on Microtype. The program (Microtype) got a virus and Microtype deleted all my data. Is there any way I could retrieve this data?
asked Oct 3, 2014 about MicroType
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We are getting the error: "Cannot find initialization file C:\Program files (x86)\Sherston Software\Big ABC 1.0\Playbook.ini".
asked Oct 1, 2014 about Sherston Software - Big ABC
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Can anyone Tell me what is the eligibility criteria For Ethical Hacking Courses or CEH? Can I do CEH with bio stream (phy, bio , and chem) without CompuScience?
asked Oct 1, 2014
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How can I post my LCDS in Blogger?
asked Sep 24, 2014 about Learning Content Development System
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The display of the program is coming out very crunched. The values and numbers are overlapping and the boxes are covering a portion of the numbers in the annual program and in the workout template.
asked Sep 5, 2014 about Visualcoaching Pro
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Does MicroType have a Mac version?
asked Sep 4, 2014 about MicroType
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I have Typing Instructor Deluxe (17) and just recently started having problems with it. I have Windows 7 but I don't think that should make a difference since it worked fine on Windows 7 before.
asked Sep 2, 2014 about Typing Instructor Deluxe
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Where can I get a table of contents for the different chapter content for grades 6-8 for MindPoint?
asked Aug 21, 2014 about MindPoint Quiz Show