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Latest questions about "system utilities"

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I lost my hard drive and am trying to replace WinAce. I purchased ver 2.0 in 2001 from the website. and have the registry key. I liked this software and sure miss it when I need it.
asked Jun 19, 2018 by Chris Hanly about WinAce
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sand me the pass to open prorat file
asked Jun 14, 2018 by Ayman about ProRat
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i am unable to register spectra king lite.
asked Jun 12, 2018 by mahesh dhule about Spectra Recovery King - Lite
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Have someone used this program? Devs say it's absolutely safe. Really?
asked Jun 7, 2018 about USB Redirector
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Windows 10 has a great graphics plus facilities to use the most Windows tools what most caught my attention in Windows 10 was the program "XBOX " More when I downloaded it when I enter a group it...
asked Jun 5, 2018 by XBX program Wheezes about Tajima DG/ML by Pulse - Ambassador
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Have downloaded the Adobe Air and now the desktopiphone.air file but unable to run it as it says file is corrupt. Can't find how to run as 32 bit since the Compatability Troubleshooter wants a .
asked May 31, 2018 by helibird about AIR iPhone
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IMITS-PHSA (Provincial Health Services Authority,) in British Columbia, is planning the future workspace requirements for our users and require compatibility information for the software versions we...
asked May 29, 2018 by Hugh Montgomery about WorkSafe Sam
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Are there some additional features in the programs or add-ons?
asked May 23, 2018 about Article Spinner
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Hello, Sprite Backup had a version several years ago that worked on Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs). I wanted to verify if this latest version is still appropriate for use on a PDA device?
asked May 10, 2018
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How can I get an activation key? Because I need one.
asked May 8, 2018 by kiruba (120 points) about Recover My Files
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How to change the program's language?
asked May 4, 2018 by Guest #106964411 (120 points) about Software Informer
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I've tried running Belvedere, but I don't see the GUI on Windows 10.
asked May 2, 2018 by Steven Wheatley about Belvedere
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When I click on a duplicate song the media player pops up and blocks everything. I can't even shut down unless I go to toolbar and close it that way.
asked May 2, 2018 by MichelleOr about Duplicate Sweeper
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Where can I purchase a converter for the PSW2 embroidery software?
asked Apr 28, 2018 about Professional Sew-Ware
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I have Pulse Ambassador downloaded but don't understand how to resize design.
asked Apr 26, 2018 about Tajima DG/ML by Pulse - Ambassador
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I am successfully using Elab-080. Unfortunately there is no a very important freq. sweep function. I would be grateful if you could add this function in the current software or advice how to do it?
asked Apr 23, 2018 about elab-080
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I had old version of Yuuwaa. Can it be transferred to new version?
asked Apr 20, 2018 by Richard J. Roth about YuuWaa
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The latest version of MacOS 10.13.4 is warning me that the 32 bit version of Epson Scan will cease to be compatible at some point in the near future.
asked Apr 20, 2018 by Bill Meredith about EPSON Scan