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Latest questions about "sports"

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After I installed Deer Hunter Tournament, I received the "Emulator detected. Please deactivate virtual drive and emulation software" message.
asked Mar 9, 2009 by Paul Peters (120 points) about Deer Hunter Tournament
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1 answer 335 views
I purchased the download version of Virtual Pool a couple of months ago and have enjoyed playing it since then.
asked Mar 6, 2009 by Derick Tickle (120 points) about Virtual Pool
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2 answers 255 views
How do you bring the goalkeeper up for a corner in FIFA 09?
asked Jan 13, 2009 by anthony 7 (120 points) about FIFA 09
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1 answer 97 views
Installed the game on my Gateway laptop P-6832, but I can't see the cars. I can see the mini, map, speedometer laps but not the center of the screen.
asked Jan 8, 2009 by ROBERT SCHROEDER (120 points) about Grid
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2 answers 128 views
How can I download Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 2.0? I'm on the home page, but I can't find a link to download it.
asked Dec 19, 2008 about Pro Evolution Soccer 2009
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I purchased Polar Golfer from WildGames, but I can't find my code number. Can you help me?
asked Nov 30, 2008 by curt (120 points) about Polar Golfer from WildGames
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1 answer 76 views
I have a problem with the NBA 08. I need EA department to solve this. Can you help?
asked Oct 6, 2008 by harry 8 (120 points) about EA SPORTS™ NBA LIVE 08
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I installed Pro Evolution Soccer 2008, but I can't run it. It tells me that d3dx9_30.dll was not found and I should reinstall the game. I reinstalled the game, but the error still occurs.
asked Sep 27, 2008 about Pro Evolution Soccer 2008
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1 answer 239 views
Why do I keep getting a wrong key # or registration error?
asked Aug 26, 2008 about Virtual Pool
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1 answer 135 views
When I play the game, I receive a "Send/Don't Send" error. I tried everything with its settings. I have 1GB of RAM and a Nvidia GE-force 8500gts video card.
asked Aug 15, 2008 about EA SPORTS™ NBA LIVE 08