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Latest questions about "free"

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I would like to know if you need to purchase a license or buy a product to use GLboard. thank you.
asked Aug 17 about GLboard
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SWF superfighters deluxe download
asked May 14, 2019 by ? about Superfighters Deluxe
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Anyone used this software? I know it's free, don't know if it could convert my video to mp4. Is it safe? I don't know how to download.
asked May 7, 2019 by LucyGreen (140 points)
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What do I need to make a website for free?
asked Sep 17, 2018
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My new computer came with the WinZIP ad which keeps popping up constantly and sometimes freezes up. I don't want this as I installed a free Avast program.
asked Apr 15, 2018 by Tonie Sullivan about Avast Free Antivirus
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I saw that there is a free download on Software Informer, but I am wondering if it is completely free, just a free trial, or free with limited functions.
asked Apr 6, 2017 about Brother Embroidery Software
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Can you suggest some good websites which offer free offline games for PC (Windows)?
asked Jan 6, 2015 by Beginner. (3.8k points)
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I purchased a new computer, I reinstalled Luxor and I need a registration number because I have lost mine. Can you help?
asked Apr 25, 2014 about Luxor
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Where can I play Mountain Crime full version and free?
asked Apr 15, 2014 by johnbuttongamer (390 points)
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1 answer 140 views
How can I play "100% Free Chess" in Windows 7?
asked Apr 2, 2014 about 100% Free Chess
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1 answer 205 views
How to install Adobe Flash Player?
asked Mar 18, 2014 about Adobe Flash Player Plugin non-IE
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1 answer 684 views
How can I download the free version of Toolbook 9.5?
asked Sep 18, 2013 about ToolBook
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1 answer 273 views
I need another application other than XnView. I am tired of its complicated functions. I want something easy.
asked Jul 25, 2013 about XnView
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1 answer 145 views
Is PhotoPRINT DX Spring Edition free? I am looking for a free version. Is there any available?
asked Jul 18, 2013 about PhotoPRINT DX
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1 answer 280 views
May I download Sonodoc Software free from this website?
asked Jun 28, 2013 about SonoDoc
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1 answer 186 views
I cannot make calls from poivY. Somebody is talking something, but I don't understand. Please help!
asked Jun 6, 2013 about PoivY
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1 answer 225 views
Jumblo is not responding after getting the connection established?
asked May 11, 2013 by Raji Samuel (120 points) about Jumblo
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1 answer 201 views
Why does it keep saying "Closed disc, cannot burn" when I insert a disc?
asked Jan 12, 2013 by christina 4 (120 points) about Free Easy Burner
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2 answers 318 views
Hello everyone, I want to download the free version of any SEO tool. Will you please tell me the availability of this as soon as possible. Thanks a lot!
asked Dec 29, 2012 by manish gupta (120 points)
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3 answers 590 views
Hi, on January 1st, I'm starting a new Youtube channel. I'm planning out my channel and I need a good video editor, free, but more advanced than just Windows Movie Maker.
asked Dec 23, 2012