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Latest questions about "simulation"

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Is 767 Captain (767-300 Base Pack) compatible with Windows 8?
asked Apr 26, 2013 about 767 Captain
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1 answer 121 views
Is Picnic available for Windows 8?
asked Apr 11, 2013 about PicNic
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1 answer 849 views
Microsoft Flight Simulator X does not work properly. I always get the message: "Error in loading GPS Engine". What can I do to correct this error?
asked Apr 10, 2013 about Microsoft Flight Simulator X
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1 answer 337 views
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1 answer 502 views
How to create an account in Portsign Hacking Network?
asked Apr 1, 2013 about PortSign Hacking Network
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1 answer 214 views
Can I use it on my iPad?
asked Mar 16, 2013 by Javed 2 (120 points) about Bet Angel - Professional
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1 answer 2.6k views
How to simulate a RFID signal in Proteus 7?
asked Feb 20, 2013 about Proteus
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1 answer 150 views
I purchased Pro Flight Rudder Pedals. Is it something I would use when trying to fly a helicopter? Or are they not applicable to helicopter flying?
asked Feb 8, 2013 about Microsoft Flight Simulator X
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1 answer 685 views
I downloaded Trainz Simulator version 3.1 to my iPad 3 but I have no sound. Please help!
asked Jan 28, 2013
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1 answer 237 views
I have Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004, but when I start the game it keeps asking for disc 4. Can you tell me what to do to overcome this issue?
asked Jan 16, 2013 about Microsoft Flight Simulator X
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1 answer 252 views
Could someone please help me transfer the C-46 in FS 2004 to FSX? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
asked Dec 21, 2012 by Oscar 9 (160 points) about Microsoft Flight Simulator X
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1 answer 221 views
How to play the classic Euro Truck Simulator 2 in a multiplayer? Is there a patch that I need to download?
asked Dec 10, 2012 by Mato (120 points) about Euro Truck Simulator
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1 answer 394 views
Does this really work on a new computer? Like it did on the older ones? I've tried putting Zoo Tycoon on all our new laptops and it does not run well.
asked Nov 30, 2012 by Debboe (120 points) about Zoo Tycoon: Complete Collection
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2 answers 171 views
I have the Flight Simulator X. The airplane veers right or left going down the runway. Is there something in the settings to correct this?
asked Oct 29, 2012 by Guest #29175287 (120 points) about Microsoft Flight Simulator X
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1 answer 92 views
I downloaded the file to my computer from FSPilotShop and I used WINZIP to extract it. I can't get it into FSX. The same happens with WW2 Pacific Missions.
asked Sep 15, 2012 by Paul C. Alexander (120 points) about FSX MISSION VIETNAM
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1 answer 153 views
How to design a trapezoidal patch antenna in Ansoft HFSS?
asked Aug 29, 2012 about Ansoft HFSS
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2 answers 3k views
My Spore game won't run. When I run it, it goes to a black screen and does nothing. What do I do?
asked Aug 17, 2012 about SPORE
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2 answers 1.9k views
How can I add a 555 timer to PSIM software?
asked Jun 28, 2012 about PSIM
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3 answers 1k views
Everything works, even the car graphics. But the houses, roads and land are all grey.
asked Apr 29, 2012 about 3D Driving-School