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Latest questions about "simulation"

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I have lost the serial key for City Bus Simulator. Can you help me?
asked Dec 1, 2009 by Mark Hayes (120 points) about City Bus Simulator
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1 answer 141 views
You can train much marine sea mammals so you could make a show platform, but no sharks, fish, etc. Why isn't this available?
asked Nov 29, 2009 about Zoo Tycoon 2 - Marine Mania
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1 answer 109 views
I have a screen problem. It turns gray. Can you help?
asked Nov 14, 2009 about Virtual Sailor Demo
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1 answer 152 views
How can I download The Sims 2 Body Shop?
asked Nov 13, 2009 about The Sims 2
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1 answer 181 views
When I try running Zoo Tycoon 2, nothing happens at all. Can you help me?
asked Oct 29, 2009 about Zoo Tycoon 2
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2 answers 106 views
Does it have any viruses embedded?
asked Oct 13, 2009 about 18 Wheels of Steel - Across America
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1 answer 134 views
How to stop a hydroplane (De Haviland Beawer) in the water?
asked Oct 9, 2009 by byron (120 points) about Microsoft Flight Simulator X
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2 answers 126 views
What is second life program about and what exactly does it do?
asked Sep 22, 2009 by keith d. weiner (130 points) about SecondLife
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1 answer 136 views
When I tried to un Spore, it can't enter because it have ocurred an error, and everything was OK, my computer have all the minimal configuration.
asked Sep 15, 2009 about SPORE
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1 answer 107 views
How can I save the game?
asked Sep 4, 2009 by clad2 (120 points) about POKéMON Simulator
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1 answer 103 views
After I reinstalled FSX Deluxe and the Airbus fleet, I have only the Fleet in the Airbus's Livery. What can I do?
asked Sep 1, 2009 about Fly The Airbus Fleet for FSX
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1 answer 93 views
Are there any patches available for SimCity 3000 Unlimited ?
asked Aug 23, 2009 about SimCity 3000 Unlimited
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1 answer 126 views
I have this C152 and I want to paint it using a real plane I use to fly.
asked Aug 10, 2009 by JoaoMaya (120 points) about Just Flight - FS Insider C152
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When I attempt to play 1701 AD I get the following error message: "ANNO 1701 Unable to successfully initiate Direct3D". How do I correct that?
asked Aug 9, 2009 about 1701 A.D.
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2 answers 229 views
How you start a free flight at the gate? I have seen a few videos on YouTube and they can start at the gate. When I begin with free flight, I'm on the runway and not at the gate.
asked Aug 4, 2009 about Microsoft Flight Simulator X
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1 answer 92 views
i just bought hawk online for the first time and , i have a problem installing it , when i put my code in it tells me an exiting connection was forcibly closed by the remote host , please help me...
asked Mar 22, 2009 about Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X
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1 answer 121 views
where is the earth? or Solar system sorry for my english
asked Mar 3, 2009 about SPORE
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1 answer 132 views
I'd like to know how real this game is ? There are many parameters in Aircrafts, but how this game get the real parameters about drag coefficient, lift coefficient, spoiler.
asked Mar 1, 2009 by godman (120 points) about Microsoft Flight Simulator X
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2 answers 199 views
I have tried without success to install Microsoft Flight Simulator X Service Pack 2. It starts the installation process but after a short time it closes without completing the setup.
asked Jan 14, 2009 by Tam Aitken (120 points) about Microsoft Flight Simulator X
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1 answer 117 views
Will it work properly on a Dell Vostro 1510 laptop that has an Intel Core Duo 1.8 processor?
asked Dec 1, 2008 by Hector Maranesi (120 points) about Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator