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The cost of the ownership

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I've recently purchased this Flight Simulator to help me in my quest of RC helicopter flight. It is a wonderful and very realistic tool. The only unrealistic part is that the Sim assumes your craft is ready to fly, meaning all servos are in the right direction, motor pinion is tight etc. I do realize you have in-flight failures. Wouldn't it be great if every time you crashed, it would tally up damage and give you a cost of repair. I would crash, see my blades fly across the field and say out loud, there's another $100 bucks. It would be stellar! It wouldn't have to be exact to let its users know what an important tool you have provided.

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There is no such information related to the cost displayed after a crash. I think it requires much extra work to define all the elements within the aircraft. Based on that, the engine needs to be adapted to recognize all the parts that will be affected upon a crash and so on. However, only the developer can offer such information and he decides whether he wants to implement this or not.

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