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Latest questions about "science"

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I have a lot of questions about SurfSeis 4.2, and rather than constantly asking the creators, I was wondering if there's a forum where other users can post questions and answers.
asked Mar 6, 2016 about SurfSeis
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We are using the Sequencing Analysis v5.
asked Feb 16, 2016 about Sequencing Analysis
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Can anyone say whether ILWIS can perform shoreline change detection over temporal data incorporating the Digital Shoreline Analysis System (DSAS)?
asked Feb 16, 2016 about ILWIS Academic
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After a successful installation, Lifbase software does not work on my computer using Windows 8.1 and also Windows 10. Do you have a suggestion to run Lifbase under Windows 8.
asked Feb 2, 2016 about LIFBASE
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I'm modeling a machine foundation in Plaxis and I need to find its natural frequency. How can I do it?
asked Jan 19, 2016 by Sepehr about Plaxis 2D
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After I install IP4.2, I get this error which makes the software unusable: "An error occured during the current computation.
asked Dec 23, 2015 by baouche Rafik about Interactive Petrophysics
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Freemat 4.0 works quite well on my Mac 10.6.8, but the version 4.2 is not working. Is there anything to do?
asked Dec 6, 2015 by Pierre
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Can version M5 be installed on Windows 7 32bit?
asked Nov 2, 2015 about Microcal Origin
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Trying to open the app, but it gives the error message: "PowerPC applications are no longer supported". Is there any way around this?
asked Oct 19, 2015
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Is there a tutorial on how to use the Frex16? I would like to run some frequencies on my True Rife F-117 generator, but I don't know how to convert the 6-digit frequencies to 11000 Hz or less.
asked Sep 14, 2015 about Frex16
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I want to convert .res file to .cif file. Which software tool will be best for this?
asked Jul 29, 2015 by Guest #38238089 (120 points) about WinGX
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I am from OMRF Oklahoma, and am trying to register the GeneTools software on my PC. We have the G-boxhere bought last year.
asked Jul 16, 2015 by Rizwan Qaisar about GeneTools
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Are there any additional requirements? Do I need Visual Studio? Do I need a special video card installed?
asked Jun 19, 2015 by jim 23 (150 points) about Stellarium
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We have bought a seismograph (RAS-24) from Seistronix company, and the RAS-24.exe software version 2.1 is damaged, and then the disc that contains the RAS-24 Version 2.
asked Feb 10, 2015 by noman
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I am new in Fragstats and I want to assess population fragmentation using Clumpiness. My raster data is presence/absence of species (1.0).
asked Jan 27, 2015 about Fragstats
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I am using MC9 and I have issues with MC9. I got access to MC9 few days ago and everything is working perfectly.
asked Jan 23, 2015 about Micro-Cap
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I have a JPG file with the PCB layout. Does this software support conversion from JPG to a PCB file format which could be used to order PCBs online?
asked Dec 24, 2014 by KENNETH ANDERSEN about PCB Wizard 3
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How can I make formula smaller? How can I draw the formula of a reaction just in a one line and change the page from portrait to landscape?
asked Sep 20, 2014 about ChemDraw Pro
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I am a researcher of Proteomics. I have several questions while I use ClinPro Tools. 1) Suppose I set peak range from 1000-5000, I got 3 potential candidates with ROC>0.
asked Sep 14, 2014 about Bruker Daltonics ClinProTools
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What is the Standard format of "Bill of Quantity" for Skirting in BIM and what is the easy way to calculate it?
asked Aug 22, 2014 about Autodesk Revit Architecture