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Latest questions about "other comms tools"

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Program is not connecting to server.
asked 6 days ago by C Goerlich about Public Talk Scheduler
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1 answer 28 views
Can this app be installed on desktop Windows XP Professional Version 2002 with Service Pack 3 ?
asked Nov 10 by Guest #106244266 (120 points) about QuickTalk and QuickLook
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1 answer 61 views
Could someone let me know if this software is compatible with Windows 10? If not does anyone know where can I find a version that is? Thank you.
asked Oct 1 by dan woodhouse about EZ Keys
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1 answer 57 views
Will Fldigi work with Windows 10?
asked Aug 14 by Butch Lebold about Fldigi
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1 answer 57 views
Is it possible to calculate electrical field near the ground, while the ground environment is defined as linear cliff? The medium one is sand ground and medium two is sea.
asked May 28 by Zvi Lifshitz about NEC-Win Pro
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1 answer 45 views
Facing a problem of error 2115. How can I solve it?
asked Apr 17 about SGC XL SMS
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1 answer 49 views
As this software requires an RS-485 serial port connection, how is it able to be used with an Android mobile phone?
asked Mar 20 by Keith about Aurora Communicator
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1 answer 60 views
Hello, I have been using Telstra Online Text Buddy for years; went on holiday, my son as a guest on my computer connected his WiFi after I gave him my permission to do so but now my own WiFi won't...
asked Feb 24 by Guest #44462441 (120 points) about Telstra Online Text Buddy
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1 answer 53 views
Hello, I have a 32bit PC and the OfficeIRC messenger is not working on it, but in all 64 bit PCs it does.
asked Jan 25 by Mike about OfficeIRC Server
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1 answer 99 views
How do I integrate a WiFi hotspot and a modem in sending SMS? Kindly help.
asked Oct 28, 2016 about SMSCaster E-Marketer GSM Enterprise
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1 answer 114 views
Can you get a trial of EZ Keys to see if a person can utilize it without paying/buying it only to find they can't use it? Is there a way a person can teach a person how to use the program?
asked Sep 16, 2016 by Lynn Krause about EZ Keys
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1 answer 168 views
The automatic weather data lookup Macro has stopped working. I use the KEAU reporting site, but I've tried others and none of them are loading weather data any longer.
asked Aug 18, 2016 by Dave White about Fldigi
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1 answer 50 views
Is there an app for a Samsung tablet?
asked Jul 19, 2016 about emsCharts Mobile
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2 answers 285 views
I get EasyTether NO connection! Could not reach the phone-side service. Enable the USB feature in EasyTether on your phone. The required version is 1.
asked May 16, 2016 by Bill about EasyTether
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1 answer 57 views
I am interested in buying the Mass Twitter Account Creator but I have some questions: Once the Twitter accounts are created, is there a way to put all those accounts onto 1 account?
asked Apr 20, 2016 by Dave about MASS Twitter Account Creator
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1 answer 68 views
Can I see if my message has been read or not?
asked Apr 1, 2016 by Goldie about Chat Undetected
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1 answer 37 views
Is SmileysWeLove compatible with Jabber?
asked Mar 8, 2016 by Bret about SmileysWeLove
0 votes
1 answer 82 views
Does Simatic S7-200 Explorer support Windows 7?
asked Jan 19, 2016 by CB about S7-200 Explorer
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1 answer 153 views
Is Neo Sync app and driver compatible with Windows 10?
asked Dec 8, 2015 about iGolf Neo Sync
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1 answer 44 views
What is the install code for InfoSearch?
asked Dec 6, 2015 about InfoSearch