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Latest questions about "mac os"

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My Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Entourage are all in Italian. How can I change the language to English without cancelling the whole thing and installing an English version?
asked Oct 25, 2010 about
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1 answer 110 views
I have lost my Mac Address Book. How can I reinstall it?
asked Oct 21, 2010 about AirPort Utility
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1 answer 272 views
Can I get WiFi for my Mac mini and my iPod touch with this?
asked Oct 18, 2010 about AirPort Utility
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1 answer 70 views
How can I transfer my Outlook contacts list to Address Book?
asked Oct 13, 2010 about Address Book
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1 answer 118 views
Does MAC have a formal format for making envelope labels for addressing, to and from?
asked Oct 10, 2010 about TextEdit
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1 answer 86 views
Where are all my photos on Time Machine?
asked Oct 8, 2010 about Address Book
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1 answer 111 views
is there a way to downgrade to previous version?
asked Oct 8, 2010 by My Name 1 (140 points) about Firefox
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1 answer 113 views
How do I retrieve deleted contacts from Address Book?
asked Oct 6, 2010 about Address Book
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1 answer 158 views
Presto PageManager doesn't open when I want. I have a Mac OS X 10.6. Can you help?
asked Sep 30, 2010 about Presto! PageManager
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1 answer 86 views
What is FTP because I need to send some files using this protocol?
asked Sep 29, 2010 about ZTE 1X EVDO Connection Manager
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1 answer 124 views
Has anyone converted Titans expansion from PC to Mac?
asked Sep 26, 2010 about Age of Mythology
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1 answer 74 views
How do I transfer a Casio recording on a Mac?
asked Sep 22, 2010 about iPhoto
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1 answer 147 views
can i use it with my facebook account?
asked Sep 21, 2010 by testaccount (150 points) about Adium
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1 answer 144 views
How do you do video chat on the Mac?
asked Sep 20, 2010 about Microsoft Messenger
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1 answer 116 views
My Word doesn't support alphabets in other languages.
asked Sep 19, 2010 by javid shariati (120 points) about Microsoft Word
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1 answer 156 views
I have encountered a problem of enlarging my video image on Skype while using built-in camera of my Macbook computer. Can anyone advise me how to enlarge the image?
asked Sep 13, 2010 about Skype
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1 answer 496 views
I cannot use my mail due to my inability to remember the password. Can you help me?
asked Sep 11, 2010 about Mail
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1 answer 133 views
My friends complain I appear offline on Adium while I am available.
asked Sep 11, 2010 about Adium
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1 answer 169 views
I have Epson All-In-One printer, but I can't print photos. What can I do to fix this?
asked Sep 8, 2010 about iPhoto
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1 answer 151 views
Is PPStream compatible with iMac computers? Can you indicate me other software similar with PPStream?
asked Sep 7, 2010 by Doreen Ewe (120 points) about Mac Informer