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Latest questions about "mac os"

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How well does it run on Mac? Can I run it on Mac Air?
asked Sep 21, 2011 by Tesla Ustas 2 (160 points) about Free Realms
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I am looking for security assistant like a password-fuction using fingerprints. Any suggestion?
asked Sep 21, 2011 by Emilly (120 points)
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Is there a FAQ written somewhere about how to use Mac.Informer properly??
asked Sep 20, 2011 by Tesla Ustas 2 (160 points) about Mac Informer
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I don't like DivX Converter, so please suggest me something like that but a bit more simple.
asked Sep 20, 2011 by Vyacheslav Evglevsky (160 points) about DivX Converter
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Current version appears to be 1.1.30 , but can only locate with lproj localization in "jp". Any insight or links known for En localization?
asked Sep 13, 2011 by William W Hunter Jr (120 points) about CardMinder
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I'm running Lion and my Disk Utility does not have a tab for partition. What can I do?
asked Sep 11, 2011 by Mark Kaplan (120 points) about Disk Utility
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What's the difference between 5.2 and 5.3 version? Do I have to update my Skype or not?
asked Sep 1, 2011 about skype
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1 answer 247 views
My MSN Messenger doesn't want to update. I downloaded the update but it's not working. Why?
asked Aug 30, 2011 about Microsoft Messenger
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Hi I am considering buying an iMac but need to have Microsoft word and visio. Also need equation editor. Do these options exist and if so what sort of price?
asked Aug 27, 2011
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How can I install Arianet Partner on MacBook Pro?
asked Aug 21, 2011 by soma 1 (120 points) about Arianet Partner
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1 answer 107 views
Can you recommend me a photo viewer (not iPhoto or Preview), that can help me crop, rotate photos, etc.?
asked Aug 20, 2011 by Andrey (330 points)
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I have paid and installed MacKeeper. However, there is no link on my dock. What to do?
asked Aug 19, 2011 about MacKeeper
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1 answer 93 views
Is there a version that is compatible with iMac desktop?
asked Aug 9, 2011 by jeffrey oja (140 points) about Silent Hunter: Wolves of the Pacific
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Everytime I want to use my kindle-for-mac application, I have to run full finder, then finder for applications, find kindle among many apps.
asked Aug 9, 2011 about Kindle
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Is there a DC Unlocker for Mac OS?
asked Aug 8, 2011 by SHANE 3 (120 points)
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1 answer 431 views
I'm really interested in an auto-updating software option via Mac Informer. How soon do you plan to implement it?
asked Aug 4, 2011 by Vyacheslav Evglevsky (160 points) about Mac Informer
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1 answer 116 views
What software to use to rename AVHD videos in batch mode?
asked Jul 26, 2011 by cindy (120 points)
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Recently, multiple windows opened when I tried to open Mozilla Firefox window; but later it sorted out on its own. Was it a virus problem? Will it come up again?
asked Jul 22, 2011
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How do I set my printer to print only black and white? I have tried to set the printer to print black and white on my Mac, but I couldn't do it.
asked Jul 16, 2011 by Martina 5 (120 points) about HP Photosmart Wireless B109n-z All-In-One Driver Software Rel .6
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Is it the best browser today? Are there any better applications?
asked Jul 12, 2011 by Slava 2 (120 points) about Firefox