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Latest questions about "home and hobby"

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I've lost my original Future Vision Premium and now I can't use it. I have a copy of all files on my computer, but it still ask me for the CD.
asked May 23, 2012 by satyam 2 (120 points) about Future Vision Premium
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I get an error when I try to start it, the program used to work on my other computer before I switched. My other PC ran on Vista the one I have now runs on windows 7.
asked May 22, 2012 by Lisa (200 points) about Clearblue Cycle Calendar
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I purchased this product via PayPal for download on my home PC, but I have never received it and cannot contact them.
asked May 16, 2012 by debbie 1 (120 points) about Weather and Wildlife
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I downloaded PIDEXX 2.6.4 on my 64-bit PC, but keep getting an error message ".VAL file is out of date". How can I get the program to work correctly?
asked May 15, 2012 by Guest #24009227 (120 points) about BENZING PideXX
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I have recently cleared the data at the weather station (after exporting to a data directory) and after that I couldn't get "history" or graphs.
asked Apr 24, 2012 by Pieter du Plessis (120 points) about EasyWeather
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How many books are there in the Bible?
asked Apr 4, 2012 about The Holy Bible - Tamil-English
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The Google maps are not displayed and I'm receiving "Google has disabled use of the Maps API for this application" message. What can I do?
asked Mar 30, 2012 by freibier (150 points) about GPS Photo Tagger
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When I save way-points in a shape-file, DNRGarmin is automatically saving in 3D type. I need 2D. I don't get the mask where you chose points, lines, ploys, etc.
asked Mar 15, 2012 by Linnea (120 points) about DNRGarmin
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Which signal would be used by a shore rescue unit to indicate "landing here highly dangerous"?
asked Mar 2, 2012 about PJMCC Marine Deck Reviewer
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I cannot update Mapsource from version 13, even though the maps on my device are up to date. What can I do to overcome this problem as I get a pop up which states that my maps are out of date?
asked Mar 2, 2012 about City Navigator Europe NT
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I have an nVidia graphics card and FreeBSD 8. What Bitcoin Miner I can use?
asked Jan 4, 2012 by metizon (120 points) about Bitcoin
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I don't know the answer for a BrainHoney ToGo's question: The author frames "The History of the Goths" with discussions about modern cultural connections to this group.
asked Dec 28, 2011 by trolol333 (120 points) about BrainHoney ToGo
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How do I reset the maximum data boxes on the history records on my computer? These data values are now totally incorrect and I am unable to reset them.
asked Dec 27, 2011 by John Baldwin (120 points) about EasyWeather
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I want to install The Sims 3 on my sister's computer, but I don't know how. I have read the explanations and I am getting nowhere. Can you help?
asked Dec 2, 2011 by isabell (120 points) about Sims 3
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The TOSHIBA Bulletin Board came pre-installed with my Toshiba laptop when I bought it last year. I didn't really need it, so I deleted it. Now, I actually want to use it but I can't find it anywhere.
asked Nov 23, 2011 by Meg (120 points) about TOSHIBA Bulletin Board
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Where can I find a Watchtower Library version for my Palm Treo 750?
asked Nov 20, 2011 by Dare ola (120 points) about Watchtower Library 2010 - Yoruba
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I don't have a printer (it was stolen) and I have to print PDF files virtually so I can copy it to a data stick and take it to the Internet cafe to have it printed.
asked Oct 25, 2011 by Carole Saylor (120 points) about Zinio Reader
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I tried several times, but it is not working. It gives an error 2 message or some other errors, it's not even installing! Please, tell me, I am a student and I terribly need this.
asked Oct 18, 2011 about FeedLIVE Trial
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I would like to know if there is a program that can help me convert an audio book to EPUB format? I want to be able to borrow an eBook from my local library and transfer it to my Sony Pocket Reader.
asked Oct 13, 2011 by Tony Corbett (120 points) about eBook Studio
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I am researching the effect of fault on a tunnel stability in depth of 60m. This tunnel is under seismic load with a PGA equal to 0.5g.
asked Oct 12, 2011 by shima (120 points) about UDEC