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Latest questions about "uninstall guide"

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Can not uninstall MyMorph from Windows 8.1 using the normal procedure. Can you help?
asked Apr 12, 2015 about MyMorph
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1 answer 102 views
How do I uninstall Movie Wizard? It piggybacked and I want it off my computer.
asked Apr 5, 2015 by disneylndgal about Movie Wizard
+1 vote
1 answer 229 views
How can I remove a plugin from Firefox, Chrome, and Opera?
asked Apr 2, 2015 by Beginner. (3.8k points) about Firefox
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1 answer 145 views
DVD Region+CSS Free Lite does not work and won't let me uninstall it. What to do?
asked Mar 24, 2015 about DVD Region+CSS Free Lite
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1 answer 384 views
I want to remove GfK Internet-Monitor. Can you help?
asked Mar 24, 2015 about GfK Internet-Monitor
0 votes
1 answer 82 views
How do I delete 100000 Clipart?
asked Mar 24, 2015 by Rogermichael
0 votes
1 answer 125 views
How do I remove Agfa PhotoWise from my computer? I can't find it. What's the name I must search for, if it is not Agfa PhotoWise?
asked Mar 15, 2015 by Jia about Agfa PhotoWise
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1 answer 194 views
I would like to uninstall PDFlite. I loaded it on Feb 16 and got malware loaded with it.
asked Feb 24, 2015 by Maria Traczewski
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1 answer 59 views
I don't want to use Search protect. How can I erase it ?
asked Feb 3, 2015 about Search Protect
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1 answer 186 views
How do I uninstall this program?
asked Feb 1, 2015
0 votes
1 answer 119 views
I owned the TOSHIBA LCD model 37WL66PZ. I would like to mount it on the wall. How can I remove the base from the monitor screen?
asked Jan 10, 2015 by Danny about TOSHIBA Service Station
0 votes
1 answer 374 views
I don't like it and I want to get it off my computer. How can I do it?
asked Dec 21, 2014 about HitsBlender
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1 answer 183 views
I have BlueVoda 10.2 on my computer, installed 2009, taking up 19.7 gigabytes. I have been unable to initialize it in order to delete it.
asked Dec 7, 2014 about BlueVoda Website Builder
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1 answer 408 views
I'm having trouble with Smart Advisor. How do I uninstall it?
asked Nov 29, 2014 about Samsung Smart Advisor Care Center
0 votes
1 answer 724 views
What is this Shoebox Engine on my phone and how did it get there? How do I get it off? It eats my battery. It's the number 2 user of my battery life and it won't let me make it go away.
asked Nov 26, 2014 by CT
0 votes
1 answer 138 views
How do I uninstall Microsoft Office OneNote?
asked Nov 19, 2014 by Guest #29217390 (120 points) about Microsoft Office OneNote
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1 answer 99 views
How can I stop unlimited exclusive rental proxy v5.8.20 from appearing on the desktop of my laptop? I have tried to uninstall, but it is not working.
asked Nov 13, 2014 by paul 40 (120 points) about Proxy Rental
0 votes
1 answer 89 views
I have tried to uninstall "Vertical Online Saintment Network" from my computer and when I try to, I get this message "Interner Fehler: Cannot find utCompiledCode record for this version of the...
asked Nov 13, 2014
0 votes
1 answer 129 views
Tried to uninstall Software Informer from Control Panel. It say it is uninstalling, but never does. The drop down box comes up and says "Uninstalling, please wait", but it freezes up.
asked Oct 25, 2014 by Guest #34908153 (120 points) about CCleaner
0 votes
1 answer 107 views
How do I uninstall this toolbar?
asked Oct 17, 2014