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Latest questions about "shell tools"

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I use a Logitech keyboard. In the top numbers/symbol row(1!, 2@, 3#,etc.) I have a key (~) immediately left of the 1! key. I want to lock out this key but it doesn't show up on the map.
asked Apr 13 about KeyTweak
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I wanted to know how to pass the username and password while making a SQL call using RunSQL command in a 4NT window (TakeCommand)
asked Aug 16, 2019 by Ak about TCC LE
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States it's running in zoom? How do I turn it off?
asked May 14, 2019 by Steve about Magnifying Glass
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How can I close all instances of previous version ?
asked Sep 28, 2018 by Nahid about Avro Keyboard
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Why doesn't it work for me on Win 10? I tried PowerShell and CommandPrompt and neither worked. What should I do?
asked Jul 30, 2018 by BlueDiamondDLC (120 points) about Windows PowerShell
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I have Lenovo Yoga 710. I downloaded KeyTweak and tried to run it, but I constantly get a Run-Time Error 380 message. Any chance there's a way to fix this?
asked Mar 1, 2017 about KeyTweak
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My Avro 5.1 is working on Windows 8, but not on Windows 10. Can I get help to use it on Windows 10?
asked Sep 5, 2016 by Dilip about Avro Keyboard
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I have Avro 5.1 version on my Android tablet, but it does not work and I got a notification that "The file format is not supported". Please help me to solve it out.
asked Jul 19, 2016 by nayeem about Avro Keyboard
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2 answers 219 views
Is TrayStatus compatible with Windows 10?
asked May 17, 2016 about TrayStatus
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How mst IsUsedBy is working on Windows 10 64-bit? I get the alert: Couldn't query system information.
asked Apr 17, 2016 by Erhy about mst IsUsedBy
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Inquiry about the update version of FDS program for Windows 32-bit.
asked Oct 25, 2015 by thomas about NIST FDS and Smokeview
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Why does this not anchor Norton 360 Premier? The Norton program icon keeps reverting to a different location.
asked Sep 19, 2015 about Icon Restore
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Can I run it on Windows XP Service Pack 3?
asked Jul 29, 2015 by Guest #38869600 (120 points) about Windows PowerShell
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I would like to ask if OpenTURNS can find a system's probability of failure by default or we shall do that manually.
asked Apr 2, 2015 about OpenTURNS
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I was just wondering if there is a way to make a form/background invisible but not the text or images. I would like to make Adobe Reader completely transparent but keep text and images visible.
asked Feb 1, 2015 about Glass 2k