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Latest questions about "office tools"

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I had hard drive problems and lost my data. It was backed up in Carbonite and I have restored the files from my last backup. I see a file NotePadData.
asked Aug 29 by Dale Gregory about Classic NotePad
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I have many files where I was recording -I did save and then they do not show under the View.
asked Jul 22 by Sherry about AutoTranscribe
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How can I use the demo version? I have about 300 pages of handwritten text to recognize and I want to make sure it works before buying. But the software keeps asking for a license number.
asked Jun 15 by Jacques Bojin about Cisdem PDFConverterOCR
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Hello, I have a long file (in .doc) with already existing paginated headers and odd-even pages with gutter. I want to enter to headers some info (numbers) of chapters and sections, e.
asked May 2 by Petros Theodorou about Nisus Writer Pro
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I want to open MORE 3.0 files with NeO. There is an "import" function that says it opens MORE files. When I go to a MORE file it appears to open however nothing happens.
asked Feb 18 by Dr.Dean about Neo
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Does abDocs work similar to Windows Office Word or Excel? Does it open and create pages to write documents like Word or tables like Excel?
asked Dec 12, 2016 by Carlie about abDocs
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Is there a desktop version I can use with Mac OSX 10.7.5 and if so, where might I find it? The only available download I can find is only compatible with OSX 10.
asked Sep 19, 2016 by Elayne James about Grammarly
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Is Sonar Bookends compatible with El Capitan?
asked Jul 16, 2016 about Sonar Bookends Professional
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Does iText Express work with El Capitan?
asked Apr 17, 2016 about iText Express
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Nokia Lumia can't download northeast VoIP.
asked Dec 31, 2015 by Zsuzsa Mogyoró (120 points) about Nuance PDF Converter for Mac
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What PDF program do I need for a Mac (OS 10.11.2) to be used with a Fujitsu Scansnap model ix500?
asked Dec 16, 2015 by joe cavan about Nuance PDF Converter for Mac
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Have just installed Typinator, it sounded like exactly what I was looking for - an app to step-in to fill frequently used characters. Their app Intro window is baffling - can't make any sense of it.
asked Nov 28, 2015 by WillT about Typinator
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In German there are a lot of rather long words. So we need automatic hyphenation to print text in a pleasant way but I did not find any setup to switch on hyphenation in Growly Write 1.
asked Dec 5, 2014 by Manfred Kanzler about Growly Write
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I belong to a UKE Group that posts files on Facebook. I used to be able to download files into Fourscore. Now I cannot. I pull up a PDF file but there is no pop up option for download.
asked Aug 21, 2014 about forScore
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How can I get this tool for my Mac living in the US? My business partner has it, and it's invaluable!
asked Jul 28, 2014 about PDF Expert
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Which version is compatible with Mac OS 10.6?
asked Jul 12, 2014 about PDF Magic
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How do I transfer photos from MP Navigator to iPhoto on my Mac computer?
asked Jan 28, 2014 about MP Navigator EX
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Does the MP Navigator EX work on Mac OS?
asked Oct 12, 2013 about MP Navigator EX
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1 answer 309 views
Using the PDF OCR X Community Edition for the first time, I cannot find the output file on my desktop or anywhere in my computer after my PDF file has been converted.
asked Aug 26, 2013 by Bick Fong (120 points) about PDF OCR X Community Edition
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Does Fontboss work with InDesign CS4/5/6? Using Snow Leopard.
asked Mar 25, 2013 by Terry Moore (120 points) about FontBoss