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Latest questions about "music and audio"

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How do I load music on the zoom from a Windows PC?
asked Jul 28, 2012
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1 answer 1.1k views
I've turned ON my Pandora Mini and all I've got is a memory error, what can I do?
asked Jul 18, 2012 by Kevin Plyman (120 points)
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1 answer 236 views
I can't put music on my Samsung S3/YP-S3 device. I have read the installation guide, but when I look at the picture it has a portable sing along with CD, My PC and DataCasts, but mine is grey.
asked May 12, 2011 by olivia 1 (160 points) about Samsung Media Studio
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1 answer 159 views
We installed the iConcepts Music Express software to our computer for one MP3 Player, but now we have a second one and it is not listed as an option.
asked Oct 24, 2010 by Sheri (120 points) about iConcepts Music Express
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2 answers 209 views
I downloaded some music to my Nokia 5230 device, but I can't play it. I'm new to this. What can I do?
asked Oct 10, 2010 about Nokia Music
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1 answer 155 views
I downloaded many songs and although they appear in the account screen I cannot find them anywhere on my computer. What can I do?
asked Aug 26, 2010 about Walmart MP3 Music Downloads
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2 answers 128 views
I'm using Vuze, but I'm looking for something better and faster to download songs in HD format. Can you help?
asked Oct 14, 2009 by kunwar 1 (120 points) about Vuze
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1 answer 82 views
DFX 9.2 is not working with my Musicmatch Jukebox. Can you help?
asked Oct 10, 2009 by richard tayao samia (120 points) about DFX for Musicmatch
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1 answer 98 views
I have a USB PC Camera Vimicro301 Neptune and every time it starts, the music is playing for about 20 seconds. Also, sometimes when I am on Skype the music will start playing again.
asked Mar 13, 2009 by Stephen 7 (120 points) about USB PC Camera (Vimicro301 Neptune)
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1 answer 154 views
I need to know on what day will the $11.99 be withdrawn, because I only receive money on the 1st of every month. I only want to try the offer for one month.
asked Jan 17, 2009 by Lavonna Lowery (120 points) about eMusic Download Manager
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1 answer 123 views
I own a Toshiba Satellite M45 with Windows XP and it uses SoundMAX as the default card. When I use it to play multiple songs, I find that some of them are too soft and some are too loud.
asked Nov 23, 2008 by Richard Lariviere (120 points) about SoundMAX
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1 answer 67 views
I'm trying to use my MP3 Player, but I can't play anything. It freezes in the main menu and if I try to install the firmware again, it is saying to shut it down.
asked Nov 1, 2008 by lu1zp1 (120 points) about SA23XX Device Manager
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1 answer 117 views
How do I use this program to put back the music tracks of FIFA09 in the CSO file? All the tracks were ripped out and I have no idea how to put them back.
asked Oct 25, 2008 by jlutd (120 points) about PSP ISO Compressor