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Latest questions about "personal finance"

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I have used your Just Checking for my business for 1 year and it is awesome, but after the year went to 2017 it will let me log the information in and it won't show anything when I enter preview and...
asked Jan 18, 2017 by LARRY LAIRSON about Just Checking
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The program used to automatically insert the next check number, without me doing it manually, but has recently stopped.
asked Dec 1, 2016 by Kelly Hays about Just Checking
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It clears check when I click on print.
asked Aug 10, 2016 by Preslie Cole Jr about Star Check Writer
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I have a new computer. I like the program and have used it for a number of years. I lost the code number or whatever it is called; I have no problem paying for a new download.
asked Apr 23, 2016 by Al Rhiel about Easy Money
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Is there a user guide for UBS Pay?
asked Jan 19, 2016 about UBS Pay
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Is there a way to edit/delete payee list entries?
asked Nov 2, 2015 by JR about Personal Checkbook Register
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I got a new computer and had to download a new copy of View Choice. How do I get my archival information back?
asked Apr 28, 2015 about ViewChoice
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Can I purchase only Deduction Pro?
asked Apr 7, 2015 about H&R Block Tax Offer
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I purchased the 2012 Gold for $79.99 last time. Yesterday my computer crashed and everything was lost. I need re-install VersaCheck 2012 Gold.
asked Sep 5, 2014 about VersaCheck Gold 2012
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How do you archive voided transactions so that they no longer appear in the client's file? It is confusing sometimes when they are left in.
asked Jul 8, 2014 about Milano Spa
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Now I'm using Acrobis, but I'm not comfortable with it because of one thing that I have in Tally but not in Acrobis. In Tally we have the "Use additional descriptions for item name" option.
asked Jul 7, 2014 by anasmonkk (120 points)
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1 answer 222 views
I'm using Tally.ERP 9. How can I include a service tax in the sale invoice?
asked May 31, 2014 about Tally.ERP 9
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How to enter a remittance in bank receipt voucher?
asked May 15, 2014 about Microsoft Dynamics NAV Classic
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1 answer 50 views
CRA is claiming that my daughter's NET file for 2010 - 2011 has an improper format.
asked Mar 18, 2014 about StudioTax 2010
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1 answer 62 views
The product won't install Microsoft SQL Server. Can this be fixed?
asked Jan 29, 2014 about Budget Tracker
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1 answer 243 views
All the figures given by Stockade are being displayed in $ and I need them to be in £. How can I change this setting?
asked Dec 12, 2013 about Stockade SQL
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1 answer 134 views
How do I add another item type on customer invoices? Normal codes are 1,3,4,5,6,7. I need to add a code for "other".
asked Dec 3, 2013 about Pastel Xpress
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1 answer 172 views
Does Simple Home money management work with Windows 8?
asked Oct 5, 2013 about Simple Home Money Management
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1 answer 86 views
What is the difference between Profit and Loss report and Profit and Loss Transactional Report?
asked Sep 11, 2013 about Sage Simply Accounting
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How to get another week report in case it is not listed?
asked Jul 26, 2013 about ViewChoice