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How to restore background data on a samsung?

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... the box that says restrict background data? You can find that option ... from Setting > Data usage > Play store > ... will fix your issue of background data disabled error Source : What is ...  
Force stop worked for me too..Thank you... I've been trying all posibilities since two days..  
Thanks as well. It took me two hours to find this forum and it finally resolved the problem! Wonder if Google Playstore people are aware of this problem and perhaps they should write instructions ...  
Thanks Anonymous, It worked fine for me too.  
... like clearing the cache, enabling background data nd and sync, Force Stop ...  
Force Start worked for me. I was pulling my hair out before this. Thanks  
Woah, it did work... Thanks so much... Androids behave weird at times..  
I had go to Settings-> Data usage-> Google play store-> Uncheck Restrict background data and then force stop Thank you!  
force stop worked. wrecked my brain over this.....thanks  
This worked. I was afraid I'd lose apps or things because the warnings sound scary. But nothing lost. Everything was fine.  
I have been facing this problem ,i tried force stop procedure , but the problem still persists whenever i opened play store in different time intervals , every time i had to force stop it . so i was ...  
... intermittently to me thou I have background enabled. Sometimes would launch from ... have created caching or "clear data" issue.  
"force stop" option worked for me, i didnt use clear data option thnx  
I shutdown and restarted. It works straight away! Thank you  
why not just reboot the phone? it automatically clears ram  
Anonymous you are simply awesome. Thank you very much.  
What worked for me was clearing my device RAM. That killed it even though in my active apps Google play wasn't listed.  
You are awesome anonymous. This worked. I didn't have to hit clear data, but the force stop worked perfectly.  
Thanks Anonymous. Force Stop Google play and Then Clear Data. Worked like a magic  
... (Samsung Android 4.3) where I had to enable this background data option ... you see the "Restrict background data" option at the ... google account, cleared cache, data, everything, restarted phone... what ...  
wooohoo.. force stopp.. it worked for me tooo.. thanks...  
I had same problem. I did restart..that helped me  
It worked anonymous.. but why does this happen  
nothing works for my phone (sony xperia j).... what else can i do?  
I tried the force stop method and it worked  
Force stop worked for my Galaxy Note 3, but after about a week it was back at it again acting up. Google Play, FIX THIS! I have had this problem for over 2 months.  
Force stop worked for me...Thank you. Now back to work. Well done anon  
Go to Settings-> Data usage-> Google play store-> Uncheck Restrict background data answered Jan 3 by anonymous This step is worked for me. Thanks.  
Stopping the service and clearing cache worked for me. God knows why it did it in first place as have never restricted background data. Cheers though :)  
Worked for me ! Great answer, saved me a lot of time  
Go to settings, on the connection tab, click on data usage. Scroll down to google playstore and click on it. Untick background restriction.  
Thank you clearing data trick worked no my lenovo  
For what it is worth, I did the same thing: Force stop, etc. This had the desired effect. It also caused a lot of software on my phone to be updated, and I had been trying to do that for some time. I ...  
i did force stop and than it works fine, so i recommend force stop that clear cache best of luck  
This worked for me too. I just did the fore stop - I did not have to clear data. Thanks. I know this is almost a year later, but it was really helpful to me.  
Thank you! Had same problem and this fixed it!  
FORCE STOP for the Play Store and reset cache ... works perfectly. THANK YOU!  
I tried a force stop and it did not repair the issue. It didn't even change the screen. I had to 'uninstall updates' and return to factory settings for this app and it works (for now).  
Uninstall Google Play app and let the phone reinstall to its factory set. Done with SGS3. Now its working fine.  
Locked up Google Play Store App solution was to select Forced Stop fixed me too. Thanks  
The Force Stop did the trick for me as well. Greatly appreciate this information.  
Hi there, I also went to Settings> Application Manager> Force Stop the Google Play Service> Restarted the phone and Play Store worked fine afterwards.  
Go to Settings-> Data usage-> Google play store-> Uncheck Restrict background data  
Hi had the same problem recently. I used forced stop before. But what also worked for me was simply clearing the memory in the RAM manager. This is probably a better "first step". Good luck!  
Thanks Anonymous, It worked fine for me.  
I did FORCE STOP and all but nothing helped me to run Google Play Store. Is there any more solution please?  
I also did a FORCE STOP for the Play Store and it reset... seems to work just fine now. Thanks for the tip!  
I went into settings and did a FORCE STOP for the Play Store and it reset... seems to work just fine now.  
If you're having your background data on but it still says ... press force stop and clear data then try to open play ...  
Do you think we are retarded????? I have both on!! And background data is not restricted  
If you are using on phone through mobile network may be it is due to them, otherwise check your wifi connection.  
Background data means Data Connection or Wireless connection. You ...  

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