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How to know who deleted the Viber app?

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The status of my friend on my Viber says that he was last online on the 9th of September. I think that means he deleted the Viber app, but how comes that on my contact list, his contact still appears with a Biber sign beside it? Or how do I know if he deleted me?

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It all happens on your side because even if he deleted you, there is no possibility that you will ever know it. As long as you have his contact added to your phone, you will see him and online information from the last time he used it.

asked Apr 20, 2016
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Viber deactivated or not. How do I know?
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I'm an official representative from Viber. I'm here to help :)

Deleting Viber, as opposed to deactivating, makes it impossible for us (technically) to know whether or not that user intends to reinstall Viber later, or plans to stop using it altogether. This is why there is a wait of 45 days during which if we see no activity on the account, it is automatically deleted, and only then you will stop appearing as a Viber user to your contacts.

The instant way to do it, however, is to deactivate Viber instead of uninstalling it. This is done through the "More" tab inside Viber.

If there are any more questions, don't hesitate to let me know :)

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I deleted a contact so will that stop showing my current login info to that contact?! Wil he ever know i deleted him?! And i have a few contacts added that i know they dont have my number so will my info be shown to them regardless of not having me in their contacts?!

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1) when u delete a contact, they wont know... but if you want to you can block them which will stop any messages from reaching u..?
2) Only your number will show up :) Privacy is pertinent :)

asked May 26, 2014
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Last seen too long ago.
asked Apr 17, 2015 by Baha
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I remember I deleted someone from my contact but his name (in my messages) is still showing which means that his number isn't showing on my messages. Why is that?

asked Mar 28, 2016 by Akhin
edited Mar 28, 2016 by
Has he/she uninstall Viber?

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