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Is there any recovery software for Nokia Asha 202?

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Is there any recovery software for Nokia Asha 202? Need to recover files from phone memory!

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If the content is stored on its internal memory then the chances for recovery are small but if you have your file stored on an external card (microSD) then you can use R-studio, a recovery application which is able to extract content with accuracy.

Connect the phone to the computer and enable Mass Storage then open the application, select the drive, click Scan and choose scanning methods and file types. If the content is found you can recover it in a few seconds.

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Most data in the Nokia phone are saved in the external memory card, and there is no way to scan the internal memory of the phone, maybe you can use recovery software to recover data from the phone memory card, know more here: Nokia phone data recovery

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I think few of data recovery software for Nokia phone, but if your phone can read as a drive, it is possible, try this one: Nokia phone recovery.

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Well, you need to connect your phone to computer and apply to professional recovery app.
If you get data back on Mac, then Android Data Recovery Mac is you perfect choice.

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