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Recovering files with the screen broken.

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My screen is broken and I'm recovering files on my laptop. But I can't find my videos in video locker. Can anyone help me?

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You actually need to have access to the laptop to be able to unlock the files. However, if the screen is broken, simply connect a monitor through the VGA or HDMI adapter available on almost all laptops. This way you will have access to the computer's desktop even if its main screen is broken. There is no other possibility except this one and connecting a monitor to one of the mentioned ports, is the easiest thing to do if the other parts of the laptop are intact and working.

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I can give help if your iPhone is smashed or broken. Only with a simple yet powerful data recovery tool, you can easily recover data from broken iPhone. However, if you got your laptop screen broken, you might as well go to computer store to repair it firstly.

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