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How can I get rid of Snap Chat?

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I don't like it and I want Google back. No offense, but I don't like it.

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If you want to delete the account, please do so here:

However there is a catch:

To delete a Snapchat account, you need to log out from your account and then erase the entire application from your device. Then, your Snapchat account will be removed permanently. Visit for more details

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It doesnt delete the snapchat, because my friend told me that my snapchat is still up.
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Actually, it is like this, it has been deleted, but the server has your username open in case you wish to revert within a span of 6 months,. During that time it will not allow you to re-register with the same user id as a new registration.
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So after an account is permanently deleted, can others view pictures you've sent from the deleted account that having been opened by them yet?

asked Jul 4, 2013
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Snap Chat showing up on other devices.
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Snapchat is telling me I don't have permission to delete my own account. Someone please help me! I logged out of my account, and uninstalled the app then went to the link above and that's what it told me.

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I tried everything recommended & I still can't delete Snapchat!

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Snap Chat is an iOS and Android application. Based on the operating system of your phone, you can simply uninstall it from the Application Manager section of your phone. This is usually found in the Settings menu.

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