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How do I remove Strong Vault Online Backup permanently?

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How do I remove Strong Vault Online Backup permanently?

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Thanks Cliff, you are the MAN. I used the Fixit prog from MS., and it worked great.
Again, Thanks

asked Jan 31, 2013
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StrongVault Online Backup removal instructions
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I cant uninstall the Strong Vault online Backup. I tried to uninstall from the Control panel, but got error message that Admin won't allow install on the computer. I tried Microsoft Fixit. Nothing is working. Please help!

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Another approach to the problem is the use of Combofix. Many people complain about the product but I have not seen anyone who tried this remover. Combofix scans the computer using advanced procedures. It finds links between viruses and safely deletes them with a single click and a single computer restart. I believe this application will help you because Strong Vault uses suspicious methods to inject into the system and since those methods are not approved by Combofix it will delete them.

Download and run the application and close all background services you don't need as well as applications that are not needed.

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