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StrongVault Online Backup removal instructions

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How do I remove this application?

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In order to remove StrongVault, you will need to take some additional steps.

First, boot the computer in Safe Mode. When you are in Safe mode, please go to Program files and remove everything that is related to StrongVault.

Then, open Registry Editor (Start > Run > regedit) and navigate to : HKEYCURRENTUSER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run. Locate Messenger string and delete it. Restart the computer again, and StrongVault is history.

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What a nasty thing Protection Strongvault Online Backup (PSVOB)is annoying, and so thanks to folks who gave us fixit. which also, some folks say they're the ones who put the virus out there... so they could have something to do! 'Anyway I used Fix It and it help me to solve part of the problem. After finding an diagnosing the darn think. Because FitIt could not Remove It! 'don't know about you I get chapped especially when my computer slows down... so I Went thru my files and tagged it as a clone Filed yes !!! (PSVOB) is SE 33D 30D-896-4D896-4D92-8033-SF-458 198 2937 yes I think it is a virus... but what do I know. Thanks for all you do an we are the solution. when we share... Hey I know this is a weird place to share this but Lanza wanted to kill more people than the guy in Norway. REAL or a Truth Check-up from the neck up and hope this helps.
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Click this Link to fix it

Just so you know, I found StrongVault Online Backup listed twice after running this program in the list of programs. The first time I ran it, it didn't fix the uninstall error, but it did fix a patch error. Then I went back and ran it again and it uninstalled one of them, then I did it again and it uninstalled the second one listed.

Yes.. this works! :)

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Like they said, Microsoft Fix-It is really works, or you can try to visit this one
Strong Vault Online Backup Removal

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