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I cannot see my friend's profile pic in Viber. What is the problem?

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One of my friends used to have a photo in Viber but the profile picture has since disappeared. I was wondering if that might be because she removed me as a contact on her phone, such that I no longer appear on her Viber list? Would that affect whether or not I can see her profile picture? So, when they add me back as a contact, I would be able to see their profile picture again? Or is this just purely a case of them having removed the profile picture, and then put it back on?

I ask this because all the contacts on my Viber who do not have profile pics, are those that I've never talked to on Viber, so they probably do not have me on their Viber list or in their phone contacts? Or can it be that they simply do not have a profile picture?

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If the contact is added to your contact list, then you will be able to see her pictures even if she deleted or blocked you. You can still see the picture or her profile but it's uncertain if the messages will arrive in case you want to chat. However, the simple way is to go to Settings > Applications Manager > All > Viber. Tap on Viber and then tap on Clear Cache reboot the phone and access Viber again. Additionally, open My Files in the Applications list and look for Viber folder on the internal storage and delete it. Start Viber again and the pictures will be downloaded. Additionally, initiate a chat with the person and the application will automatically download the available picture. Of course, there is the possibility that the contact doesn't have a picture set up to the account's profile.

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If you both have each other in your phone contacts, then you will see each other’s profile pics. Otherwise no.

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