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The product is damaged and needs to be moved to trash.

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I am using Mac OS 10.9.3. I keep getting this message : "Wondershare Helper Compact is damaged and cant be opened. You should move it to the trash. Wondershare Helper Compact .app could not be moved to the trash. Please move to the trash manually". I can't find it in my system to move to the trash. What can I do?

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It seems that you get this error due to GateKeeper. This is an service that was added in Mac OS 10.7 and to newer versions. This tool will prevent any application from untrusted sources (other that iTunes Store) to run. You can fix this by going to System Preferences > Security & Privacy and set "Allow Applications Downloaded From" to Anywhere. This will prevent the message to pop up. Check the following website from Apple to learn more about GateKeeper.

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