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How come Kaspersky claims SafeCentral is incompatible with its product and needs to be uninstalled?

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Kaspersky Internet Security suite claims this software is incompatible with its product and must be uninstalled.

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Kaspersky and SafeCentral are products from the same category: protection, antivirus, antispyware, etc. Having two security utilities on your computer is not recommended because in case of an infection with different malware, both applications will try to remove it and problems may occur. Kaspersky has been built with the purpose that no other security solution should be installed on the computer where it is going to be installed. You either choose one solution or another because both have great capabilities of removing active threats. Besides, having two solutions installed will decrease the performance of you computer when both apps perform scanning at the same time.

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Hi Andrew Constandache, SafeCentral is NOT an AV/malware filter program. SafeCentral does not scan, does not seek to remove malware or the infection. You may want to check their website and see what the product does, then revise your response? Your response indicates that Kaspersky overly interferes with other programs? It is an excellent AV/malware filter, whereas Safecentral is a kernel level OS lockdown technology.

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Yes, I know what that, but Kaspersky strongly requires that no other protection solutions are running on the target computer. It treats SafeCentral just like any other solution no matter the purpose. If it said it has incompatibility then the message was suggested based on tests performed by the company which develops Kaspersky.

For example, in case of an infection, both applications will try to lock down the files infected and when this happens you may experience computer slow down or even lock problems.

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