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Does it usually take a long time to download an app on ZTE Engage?

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The previous smartphones I had (Samsung) never took so long to download. The Play Store says that the download is in process but my phone doesn't show me a percentage. This lasts for about 5-10 minutes. Is it normal?

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It could also depend on which phone or device that you use.

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The problem could be with the connectivity features. If you used a Samsung smartphone you might have noticed the connecitify features being better and optimized better. It also depends on the Internet connection used to download the data. Usually, the Google servers are fast, but if you have a slow Internet connection, the apps will download slow.

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It could probably be that you have a slow internet. Also, some unnecessary programs and downloads on the computer could be slowing it down. Uninstall some of them to increase the speed and the performance of your computer. If you use a particular search engine switch to Google because it is a lot faster.

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