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I cannot get a CD to play on Windows Blu-ray player.

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It used to work but now it will only play CDs already extracted. I have checked everything, but nothing seems to make it work again.

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You can try using KmPlayer or VLC Media Player. These two audio/video players have the capability of playing Blu-ray players in their native mode without any codecs installed.

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Thank you. So late to see. I have bought a Macgo windows Blu-ray Player. It's fine...
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You can try using so many Blu-ray Players. Such as Macgo windows Blu-ray Player.
And you need to buy a Blu-ray Drive.

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You can use UFUSoft Blu-ray Player to play blu-ray discs and blu-ray iso files on windows

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There are many free media players for Windows platform you can use to replace WMP. Actually, I don't use it that much for it occurs errors too much.
Sometimes a 3rd party gadget works better than the app comes with the computer. Hope this can help you.

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Reinstall the Windows Blu-ray player. Or you can download VLC or MacGo Media Player.

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