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Configuring Upek Protector Suite or Sophos Safeguard.

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I have a Windows 7 Professional SP1 Panasonic CF-31J Toughbook laptop, with both:
Upek Protector suite 9 and Sophos Safeguard After I configure the Upek settings to allow the fingerprint logon to display after logoff, or reboot, only Sophos Safeguard login option is available. How can I further configure either Upek or Safeguard to allow the fingerprint logon option to display after a logoff, or reboot of the laptop? I have successfully enrolled all 10 finger swipes to my Windows ID and password.

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Upek Protector Suite is specially designed for Sony laptops, therefore I recommend you use only Sophos Safeguard on your Panasonic PC. From what it seems the Upek software is not fully compatible with the biometric device of your laptop. You can find all the instructions (installation, configuration) for Sophos Safeguard on the official user guide.

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