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Recent Upgrade to BT Infinity 5 - Printer will not respond - What do I do next?

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I recently upgraded to BT Infinity 5. Now the MG5400 will not respond to my desktop running on Windows XP. My laptop on Windows 8 and my iPad print fine using the new wireless connection. Desktop and printer talked to each other without a problem before the upgrade. This is not a shared home network, all devices are stand-alone. The desktop is connected to the new wirelass network according to info from screen.

How do I resolve this? Any suggestions would be welcome. At the moment, I'm having to send documents to the laptop to print them, a real chore.

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Check the settings of the desktop PC regarding network and drivers. You can check the driver issue using Device Manage from the properties menu of Computer then you can go to Network to check if the IP is properly set up on the IPv4 window.

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