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Is there a "nudge" feature on Passageways instant messenger?

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We use Passageways IM. The last IM I used had a "nudge" feature so that if a person you are trying to communicate with is not responding, you can get their attention. It made a rattling sound. When I'm logged on another server, I have no idea that someone on my desktop is trying to communicate with me, because the IM screen does not pop up. What can I do?

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No, there isn't a "nudge" feature on the latest version of Passageways instant messenger. The application allows you only to format your message using the Message formatting toolbar or to send documents, screenshots and start conferences:

enter image description here

By default, the new messages should pop-up on your screen and produce a specific sound. If it doesn't pop-up or produce that sound, I recommend you uninstall the program from your PC and then install it again. If the problems persist, use 765 535 1880 phone number to get in touch with the support team.

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