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I downloaded WorldCast Bulk Mail program about 4 years ago and it worked great for a while. We bought a registered version. It stopped working one day and we were unable to get any response despite innumerable attempts to contact Fairlogic. Have tried the upgrades to this program over the years and can get none to work. This was (and could be) a terrific program if it worked, and if it had a minimum of support. I have just installed again the WorldCast version

I tried to get it to work for several hours, it would appear to work, but would give DNS timeouts when sending. I finally found under the help key that I had to register for a FREE password which I did and got it sent to me at my personal email address. I followed the instructions and inserted the password information. After I completed this process, the program said it had to restart in order to be used. So, I followed the instructions and then upon restart it gives an error message: “Cannot create a new project. Aborting” with an OK button. Click OK, and it shuts down.

By the way, my operating system is Windows 7 Home Premium. I have the program set to work in XP compatibility mode.

When I go to the Fairlogic website and look at the help shown, it provides instructions to go to menu items that do not exist.

It appears the latest update to the software was in July 2007 and the last update to the website was in 2009. The website appears to work on automatic. I think the people who developed the software took a trip somewhere that does not allow them to communicate further.

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You are right, they are out of business which means it's impossible to obtain new versions of the program or any other help. In this case, I recommend dumping the software to use another one that's updated and still available for purchase. I recommend checking the database of Software Informer. There are applications available for downloading. I have narrowed down results to show you only the applications from this category.

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