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Selecting an item from a table.

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How can I select an item from a table using the wwGenericSQLGrid?

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If wwGenericSQLGrid is installed and configured correctly within the InTouch ActiveX container, open an InTouch quickscript and type the following code:

#Grid1.Server = Server;
#Grid1.Database = Database;
#Grid1.UserID = UserID;
#Grid1.Password = Password;

This will allow you to connect to the database. After that, if you want to get a specific value/item from a cell, type:

Selection = #Grid1.GetRowColumnValue( Row, Column);

In order to get the selected value/item, you will need to enter:

Selection = #Grid1.GetSelectedCellValue();

You can find further information if you open the wwGenericSQLGrid.mht file that comes packaged with the wwGenericSQLGrid software. If you don't have the software, you can download it from the official web page. Also, you will need to create an account.

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