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Latest questions about "connection tools"

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Do I have to set up two separate virtual cables to be able to run FLdigi and the MARS-M110A MDT on my Flex 5000a, or will a single cable pair work?
asked Jul 13, 2014 about MIL-STD Data Modem Terminal (MS-DMT)
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Where can I find a guide which describes how this Virtual Handset Plugin works in reality? I decided to try it, but I can't manage to connect the pupils computers with the teachers.
asked Jun 25, 2014 about RM Easiteach Virtual Handset Plugin
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When I use RadioWorks software to calculate Line of Sight, I'm facing a communication problem. It is not communicating with GEO satellite. I receive a "Please try again later" message.
asked Apr 12, 2014
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When I connect the SEL-5860 device to my PC using the serial port, I receive a "Communication error". Can you help?
asked Mar 28, 2014 about SEL-5860 Time Service
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My Canon MX 432 sees only the WPS of my Xfinity router. I want to connect the printer to the Airport Extreme router. I have bridged with the Xfinity router.
asked Mar 15, 2014
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I have installed the Olympus A-GPS utility on my Mac OS 10.6.8 because I want to activate the GPS function on my Olympus 830 camera.
asked Mar 2, 2014 about OLYMPUS A-GPS Utility
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I have issues detecting a local device from my web application. Can you help?
asked Feb 26, 2014 about Dynamic Web TWAIN
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Is Pollux Suite a universal program or there are some limitations in terms of hardware? I mean does it work with all devices or only with AGB ones?
asked Feb 21, 2014 about Pollux Suite
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I work for ExxonMobil in the software department and we've got an internal request for installation of Connection Manager software version 23.
asked Feb 14, 2014 about Huawei Connection Manager
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I bought an IP camera from DX website and I'm having problems with it. I can't make a connection on my wireless network.
asked Feb 9, 2014 by Emerson 2 (120 points)
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How do I delete a computer in PC Monitor? I tried to do it with my Android device. After it disappear from the list, I still get a message that I have to many computers linked to the service.
asked Feb 8, 2014 by Thomas Andersson (120 points) about PC Monitor
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I would like to connect my external hard disc to my Galaxy Note 10.1, as I would have to power it externally. Can you help me to connect it?
asked Feb 6, 2014
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How to connect Khulani Business Server to e-mail58?
asked Jan 24, 2014
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I have a Xolo X900 mobile and I removed my SD card. When I connect my phone to my PC, it is recognized only as a portable device and not as an USB mass storage one.
asked Jan 17, 2014
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I receive an "Error 383" message from Simcoms Cable Vision subscription entry. Can you help?
asked Dec 29, 2013 about Simcoms Cable Vision (Pos)
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I have a blue unlocked Asha 311 device. How do I connect it to my Windows 7 PC to do a software update? My mobile service provider is AT&T.
asked Dec 26, 2013
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I'm trying to configure Network Emulator for Windows Toolkit, but there is nothing seen in RT Traffic Monitor and Packet Monitor.
asked Nov 6, 2013 about Network Emulator for Windows Toolkit
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I receive some errors from Fun Connect 6.92/6.28. Can you help?
asked Oct 21, 2013
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I need details about how to connect SpectrAA to Lims as the help menu and the manual do not explain much about that. Also I need the "spectra.
asked Sep 13, 2013 about SpectrAA